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College Crosse Prospectus - April 15, 2017: Game Day; New Recruiting Rule Passed.

All the lacrosse news you can handle and plenty more!

Ocean Rover

GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD MORNING, College Crosse Nation!! Thanks for making us a part of your day! Here are your links for April 15, 2017.

College Crosse News.

Our College Crosse Game Day post is up. Find all the links to team pages, streams, & live stats for today’s games here.

Wheels up!

Our College Crosse Game Day live stream starts around 9:00 on our Facebook page, with The Kid Chris as the host. You don’t want to miss it.

Captain Nadelen previews Delaware on the latest Tiger Lacrosse Report.

No more early recruiting: Division I college lacrosse recruits off-limits until junior year, according to new NCAA rule.

The NCAA's approved a new rule Friday that prohibits Division I college lacrosse coaches from contacting potential recruits until Sept. 1 of their junior year of high school. The NCAA did not put out a specific release announcing the news, but a spokesperson confirmed that Proposal No. 2016-26 passed as is, without discussion. "We are thrilled that the NCAA Division I Council recognized the need for this legislation and all of the support behind it. Early recruiting in lacrosse has spun out of control and now we have a chance to restore some sanity to the process," IWLCA Division I Legislation Committee Chair and Duke women's lacrosse head coach Kerstin Kimel told

Today starts off right with Ohio State vs. Michigan at 10:30 this morning.

Michigan coach John Paul said he and his players understand how heated the rivalry is with Ohio State. Since Michigan State does not have a lacrosse team, the Buckeyes are Michigan’s rival.

“We have to do our part,” said Paul, who has led the program in its six years as a varsity sport. “I think it will get heated as we get more competitive, but yeah, it’s heated. There’s no love lost. Even as we were getting going, they bring a lot of that, right? They taught our guys early, ‘This is what this rivalry is like, so let’s go.’ This is our rival, and we feel it.”

Ben Reeves is a beast on the field and in the classroom.
When Yale men’s lacrosse player Ben Reeves was in middle school, he decided he wanted to find a cure for cancer. Now in college, he’s working on some pretty complicated stuff. “It’s a lot more complicated than I thought when I said that,” Reeves admits. It’s a challenge, a lofty goal. Something Reeves normally sets and achieves. “He wants to be the best student he can be, the best athlete he can be, and you never have any fear that he’s going to be short of those goals,” said head coach Andy Shay

The first of two DI men’s lacrosse committee’s rankings comes out soon.

Doris, who is the athletic director at Fairfield, explained that the process begins months before players step onto the field for the first game of the season. The committee reflects on the previous season and amends the selection principles and procedures if there were any glaring problems with the year before. These amendments must be approved by the NCAA in order to keep selection criteria similar across all sports. From there, it gets more difficult. “When you take a look at the parity that has taken place in lacrosse over the last couple of years, its changed the landscape,” Doris said. Essentially, there are three phases to the selection process: select, seed and place.

Anonymous Eagle with a nice preview of today’s Marquette vs. Providence game.

Our man @OrangeLax previews the Syracuse vs. UNC game.

Syracuse’s d-offense has been pretty effective this year.

Despite calling Syracuse's defense the best in the country, Orange goalie Evan Molloy has one critique of his unit. "We need to can our shots more," the redshirt senior said. Molloy has nicknamed the defense the "d-offense" (pronounced by combining the words "do" and "fence") and he thinks the unit could more effectively live up to that moniker. It's a play- on-words of turning defense into offense, pushing the ball in transition to get it up the field and score.

Shout out to Denver’s BOSS Tierney!!

National Lacrosse Hall of Fame inductee Bill Tierney will reach his 500th game as a Division I head coach Saturday when his University of Denver Pioneers visit St. John’s in a Big East Conference game in Queens, N.Y. The fourth-ranked Pioneers (8-2, 2-0) would give Tierney his 377th win if they beat the Red Storm (1-10, 0-2).

Tierney, 64, became the first head coach to win NCAA championships at multiple schools in 2015, when DU became the first team to win it outside the Eastern time zone. He has a combined Princeton-Denver record of 376-123 in his 33rd season, and eighth with the Pioneers. Tierney is second in all-time victories, just three behind Duke’s John Danowski (379).

What’s Up, Philly?

Former Temple basketball head coach John Chaney makes an appearance in ESPN’s newest 30 for 30 documentary on John Calipari.

ESPN was to debut another one of its many 30 for 30 documentary films Thursday night. Most of them are spot-on. This one is no exception. It's about Calipari. The title, "One and Not Done," is a reference to what he's been doing at Kentucky the last eight seasons, which is basically molding some of the best freshmen in the land into something that's almost always capable of being the last team standing. Something which he probably doesn't always get the proper credit for.

As you'd suspect, the Chaney part of Cal's story line is in there. The enduring scene takes place about 35 minutes into the two-hour show, though there's an earlier clip from 1990, when Chaney pushed/grabbed Cal at midcourt at the old Curry Hicks Cage after Cal interrupted a discussion Chaney was having with the officiating crew during what became a Temple win in triple overtime.

World/National News.

New Zealand is attracting a lot of tech talent. Mostly because it’s so far away from anything else.

In the South Pacific, software no longer needs a hard sell. New Zealand has long wanted to be a tech hub, but distance was an issue. Now, at a moment of political upheaval around the globe, that isolation has become a selling point. A municipal program to fly in 100 developers next month — wine them, dine them and offer them jobs — was expected to draw 2,500 applications. But the recruitment effort, called LookSee Wellington, was besieged with more than 48,000 entries, including workers at Google, Amazon, Facebook, M.I.T. and NASA. At one point so many people checked out the program that the website failed. For all sorts of reasons, New Zealand suddenly makes sense. The cost of living is less than in San Francisco. Commuting is less wearying. And American politics, “Brexit” and the Islamic State are on the other side of the world.

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