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College Crosse Week 9 Top 20.

Who’s #1 this week??!

South Carolina State v Syracuse Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

Thanks to everyone who voted.

We’re back with this week’s installment of the College Crosse Top 20. You can find a link to last week’s post here. We have some commentary from Ryan, Chris, and Jake below as well. Let’s go to the Big Board!

College Crosse Week 9 Top 20.

Rank Marisa Ingemi Adam Epstein Ryan McDonnell Chris Jastrzembski Rank Safe Fekadu DLB Jake Nazar
Rank Marisa Ingemi Adam Epstein Ryan McDonnell Chris Jastrzembski Rank Safe Fekadu DLB Jake Nazar
1 Syracuse Syracuse Syracuse Syracuse 1 Syracuse Syracuse Maryland
2 Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland 2 Maryland Denver Albany
3 Albany Hofstra Albany Denver 3 Albany Hofstra Syracuse
4 Notre Dame Denver Hofstra Albany 4 Hofstra Army Hofstra
5 Hofstra Albany Penn State Hofstra 5 Denver Albany Penn State
6 Penn State Penn State Notre Dame Penn State 6 Notre Dame Maryland Denver
7 Ohio State Duke Duke Duke 7 Duke Duke Army
8 Denver Notre Dame Ohio State Army West Point 8 Penn State Penn State Duke
9 Duke Ohio State Denver Notre Dame 9 Ohio State Notre Dame Notre Dame
10 Hopkins Army Army Ohio State 10 Army Ohio State Ohio State
11 Army Princeton Rutgers Yale 11 Princeton Yale Yale
12 Rutgers Johns Hopkins Johns Hopkins Princeton 12 Yale Richmond Johns Hopkins
13 Princeton Rutgers Towson Towson 13 Johns Hopkins Rutgers Rutgers
14 Towson Yale Princeton Johns Hopkins 14 Rutgers Princeton Princeton
15 Yale Towson Yale Rutgers 15 Towson Johns Hopkins Richmond
16 Richmond Richmond Richmond Richmond 16 Providence UNC North Carolina
17 Providence North Carolina Providence Providence 17 Richmond Binghamton Towson
18 Binghamton Binghamton Binghamton Binghamton 18 Binghamton Providence Providence
19 Virginia Providence North Carolina North Carolina 19 UNC Loyola Binghamton
20 Monmouth Virginia Virginia Monmouth 20 Monmouth Towson Monmouth


Safe. As usual I’ll save my comments for the Aggregation. Here’s my ballot though.


Johns Hopkins: Yes, I know Hopkins beat Rutgers, but given they were right next to each other and RU won and JHU lost this weekend, the Knights move slightly ahead.


Syracuse: Praying that this week's #1 doesn't lose.

Maryland: Maryland's still the top team in the Big Ten.

Albany: Really want to see how the Great Danes do against the Terps. Is Albany legit?

Hofstra: If Hofstra runs the table and stays undefeated for the rest of the season, how high will they be seeded in the NCAA Tournament?

Penn State: Even though they lost to Maryland, they are a pretty good team. Their game against Hopkins next week is going to be huge.

Duke: I think they're the hottest team in the nation right now.

Notre Dame: Have teams started to find their weaknesses?

Yale: At this point, Yale does look like the slightly better Ivy League team.

Princeton: But Princeton still manages to rack up to good wins.

North Carolina: I think we all know how big that UVA win was for them. It is now acceptable for voters to put the Heels in their top 20.

Monmouth: I'm putting Monmouth in over Robert Morris and Loyola, but I really wanted to put Robert Morris in there. They have a big game against UVA tomorrow and I think they have a legitimate chance to win. If UVA is in voter top 20s, that's not right.

Jake Nazar.

Maryland: The King Stay The King. Whoever decided to make them an underdog got a reminder into just who the hell they are.

Albany: Undefeated and dominant, but this game against Maryland will tell us a lot. Need a good performance at minimum.

Syracuse: No team in the country has a better resume. Defense looks good. But may be multiple teams I'd take over them on a neutral field

Hofstra: Low key very solid resume, great defense, but also haven't seen them vs a tournament team in awhile.

Penn State: Offense still looked pretty good in defeat against Maryland, but the defense could be what keeps them from a first ever Final Four

Denver: Very impressed by the offense, best faceoff situation of any team in the country, still a few questions on defense

Army: Riding their luck the last few games, but 10-1 is 10-1 and that Cuse W could look good for seeding purposes.

Duke: Most complete performance of the year from them. Developing the kind of depth scoring they've lacked the last 2 years

Notre Dame: That offense will not get it done in May.

Ohio State: Very strong win over Hopkins. Defense might be the best in the Top 10. If the offense clicks they're a threat to go deep in May

Yale: Best team in the Ivy yet again. Beat Albany, win the Ivy tournament, and they've got a good shot at getting a home game

Johns Hopkins: Struggling with consistency, but offense and defense are both capable of very good things.

Rutgers: Back on track well with a W over Michigan. Need to show up at home vs Maryland though

Princeton: That offense is lightning in a bottle. Lot of threats. Defense is iffy though. Probably bubble-in

Richmond: Couple goals here or there vs Duke and UVA and they'd be in the conversation for a home game

North Carolina: Really needed that UVA win. Need to see the offense and defense click vs an elite team though.