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Tewaaraton Watch: Find The Scorer

Taking a look at some of the top scorers across the college lacrosse landscape via Tableau.

As conference play begins and the Tewaaraton race heats up, let’s take a look at some of the nation’s leading scorers. Here are the top 150 highest scoring players (points per game). Use the filters on the side to drill down by class, by position, by conference or by team.

Some observations:

  • Connor Fields (Albany) isn’t just having a Tewaaraton campaign. He’s stacking two Tewaaraton campaigns on top of each other. He’s outscoring Mac O’Keefe (Penn State) while dishing out more assists than anyone besides Will Sands (Bucknell) and Pat Spencer (Loyola).
  • In that top-right cluster, you’ll find some players who get mentioned for the award often (Dylan Molloy, Josh Byrne, Ben Reeves, Ryder Garnsey, Matt Rambo, Michael Sowers) and some who don’t get the publicity they deserve (Morgan Cheek, Tom Moore, Justin Guterding).
  • There’s a lot more that goes into the award than goals and assists (i.e. team wins, turnovers) — and I wouldn’t be surprised if a non-scorer like Trevor Baptiste or Benny Pugh or Jack Concannon won the award this year.
  • Flip the filter for “midfield” on, and you’ll find out why Myles Jones called out every single one of them. Whew.
  • There are five ‘Hoos in the Top 150: Zed Williams, Michael Kraus, Mike D’Amario, Dox Aitken and Ryan Lukacovic. ICYMI: Lars Tiffany’s team is so much fun.