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College Crosse Week 2 Top 20.

Round 2!

Counts And Declarations In The Scottish Holyrood Elections Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

We’re back with this week’s installment of the College Crosse Top 20. You can find a link to last week’s post here. Additionally, you can find Jason's Week 2 Media Poll post here.

I made 2 Big Boards this week, as I thought it might be easier to read.

So without further ado here is the College Crosse Week 2 Top 20.

College Crosse Week 2 Top 20.

Rank Adam Epstein Marisa Ingemi Ryan McDonnell The Good Doctor
Rank Adam Epstein Marisa Ingemi Ryan McDonnell The Good Doctor
1 Denver Denver Maryland Denver
2 Maryland Maryland North Carolina Maryland
3 North Carolina Hopkins Denver UNC
4 Johns Hopkins UNC Johns Hopkins Johns Hopkins
5 Syracuse Yale Yale Virginia
6 Notre Dame Syracuse Syracuse Penn State
7 Yale Notre Dame Notre Dame Yale
8 Penn State Towson Virginia Syracuse
9 Virginia Virginia Brown Loyola
10 Towson Penn State Towson Notre Dame
11 Brown Brown Penn State Brown
12 Loyola Rutgers Loyola Rutgers
13 Rutgers Loyola Navy Towson
14 Albany Marquette Albany Marquette
15 Richmond Ohio State Richmond Boston
16 Ohio State Penn Rutgers Navy
17 Marquette BU Marquette Richmond
18 Navy Navy BU Albany
19 Penn Albany Penn Michigan
20 Marist Richmond Air Force Duke

College Crosse Week 2 Top 20.

Rank Safe Fekadu Chris Jastrzembski Joe Keegan Jake Nazar
Rank Safe Fekadu Chris Jastrzembski Joe Keegan Jake Nazar
1 North Carolina Denver Denver Denver
2 Maryland Maryland Johns Hopkins Maryland
3 Denver North Carolina Maryland North Carolina
4 Syracuse John Hopkins North Carolina Johns Hopkins
5 Johns Hopkins Syracuse Notre Dame Yale
6 Notre Dame Yale Virginia Syracuse
7 Virginia Notre Dame Syracuse Virginia
8 Yale Virginia Yale Notre Dame
9 Towson Penn State Loyola Brown
10 Brown Brown Towson Penn State
11 Marquette Towson Brown Towson
12 Rutgers Loyola Richmond Rutgers
13 Penn State Rutgers Rutgers Marquette
14 Albany Richmond Penn State Richmond
15 Richmond Albany Marquette Ohio State
16 Loyola Marquette Albany Albany
17 BU Navy Navy Loyola
18 Ohio State Boston University Vermont Marist
19 Penn Penn Marist Duke
20 Marist Marist BU BU



Top 3: Nothing changed with my top 3. North Carolina bounced back with a nice win versus Lehigh this weekend, after a closer than expected win against Furman two weekends ago. Both Maryland and Denver look very good as well. I think you could put those 3 in any order and not get too much blowback.

Hopkins: JHU is nice. I put them at #5 this week because I'm an OBJECTIVE JOURNALIST, but the win over Loyola was big, as the Hounds were the team that needed it more. If Hopkins beats #1 UNC this weekend they'll have the best early season resume in the country. Why aren't more people talking about the Jays?!

(Ed. Note: I wish the lax media would stop suppressing the TRUTH about how good this little-known scrappy medical school from Baltimore is, and give them the publicity they deserve. Someone call Hannity or Tucker, OUR NATIONAL SECURITY IS AT STAKE!)

Where's Quinnipiac:

I still love the Bobcats, but winners eat on my list. Loyola & Albany get the courtesy this week, because of tough, 1-goal away games on Saturday.

Marist: I thought Marist's win at Air Force was one of the best of the weekend. So they got the nod over Michigan & Vermont this week for me.

BU: The Belichick Effect.