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Every New College Lacrosse Program Starting In 2017

These schools are officially all lacrosse schools.

NCAA Lacrosse: Men's Championship - Maryland Terrapins vs. Denver Pioneers
Join the party, new teams!
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The game is growing is one of the most used lacrosse phrases around the lacrosse community over the past few years. But it’s used a lot because, well, the game is growing.

This year, institutions from Division I all the way down to the NAIA levels are getting set to begin a new era with the addition of at least one lacrosse team to their list of sports teams. Let’s see who’ll we’ll be welcoming this year.

2017 New College Lacrosse Programs

School Name State Gender League/Division
School Name State Gender League/Division
Barton College North Carolina Women's NCAA Division II
Butler University Indiana Women's NCAA Division I
Chowan University North Carolina Men's NCAA Division II
Cleveland State University Ohio Men's NCAA Division I
Concordia University Minnesota Women's NCAA Division II
Concordia University Ann Arbor Michigan Men's & Women's NAIA
DeSales University Pennsylvania Women's NCAA Division III
Felician University New Jersey Men's NCAA Division II
Heidelberg University Ohio Men's & Women's NCAA Division III
Keiser University Florida Men's & Women's NAIA
Lee University Tennessee Women's NCAA Division II
Lyndon State College Vermont Women's NCAA Division III
Madonna University Michigan Men's & Women's NAIA
Marian University Indiana Women's NAIA
Maryville University Missouri Men's NCAA Division II
Monmouth College Illinois Men's & Women's NCAA Division II
Newbury College Massachusetts Women's NCAA Division III
North Central College Illinois Men's NCAA Division III
North Central University Minnesota Men's NCAA Division III
Northland College Wisconsin Men's & Women's NCAA Division III
NYIT New York Women's NCAA Division II
Ohio Valley University West Virginia Women's NCAA Division II
St. Joseph's College New York Men's NCAA Division III
Union College Kentucky Men's & Women's NAIA
University of Colorado Colorado Springs Colorado Women's NCAA Division II
University of Northwestern Minnesota Men's NCAA Division III
Westminster College Missouri Men's & Women's NCAA Division III

Here are some interesting stats I found:

  • 16 out of the 27 schools starting programs are starting men’s teams, with eight of those 16 solely starting men’s teams.
  • 19 of the 27 schools starting programs are starting women’s teams, with 11 of those 19 solely starting women’s teams.
  • Divisions II and III each have 10 schools starting lacrosse programs in 2017, followed by five from the NAIA and two in Division I.
  • In the next two years, five Division I schools will start women’s programs, four of them will begin in 2018. No new men’s programs in the near future as of yet.
  • This year in Division I, there will be 71 men’s teams and 112 women’s teams. Division II will have 66 men’s teams and 105 women’s teams. Division III will have 236 men’s teams and 283 women’s teams.
  • In total, there are 373 total men’s NCAA teams and 500 total women’s NCAA teams.

The women’s game seems to be fine in terms of numbers, and so is the men’s game in Divisions II and III.

And then we get to the men’s Division I level. 71 teams isn’t bad, don’t get me wrong. But comparing everywhere else, it could be better. The women’s game in Division I is more spread across the country, whereas the men’s game is mainly east of the Mississippi River and Colorado. Pray for Utah soon.

With the parity that has ensued for the past few seasons, especially last season, blue bloods like Syracuse, Johns Hopkins, Princeton, and Virginia are finding out it’s even more difficult to win a National Championship than it was a couple of decades ago. My hope is more parity means more teams popping up, which will mean more conferences and AQs, which will mean more NCAA Tournament teams and games, which will mean a more exciting product on the field and potentially on television or on streams.