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College Crosse Prospectus - August 8, 2016: Ohio Machine Locker Room Theft, Binghamton Bearcats Scouting Report, Univ. of Utah’s A.D. “No We Are Not Adding Lacrosse.”

Ohio Machine theft, Utah lacrosse buzzkill, and plenty more!!

Olympics - Previews - Day - 1
What’s good, Rio?!?
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GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD MORNING, College Crosse Nation! Thanks for making us a part of your day! Here are your links for August 8, 2016.

Personal tems & equipment were stolen from the Ohio Machine locker room during their game against the New York Lizards.

News 12 Long Island also did a segment on the story.

Another great Scouting Report by Chris. This time on the Binghamton Bearcats.

The University of Utah’s athletic director said “No we are not adding lacrosse” during an interview on ESPN Radio, however he still kept the door open a little.

That’s a lot of Orange: “5 ex-Syracuse women's lacrosse players make U.S. national team.”

St. Louis is getting its own Continental Indoor Lacrosse League team, the St. Louis Centurions. “‘In a nutshell, it’s lacrosse in an ice hockey rink,’ says defenseman Mike Mertzlufft.”

Nice post by @LaxLessons: Odds of HS male, female athletes playing lax in college rank high compared to other sports.

England beat Israel for the European Lacrosse Championship over the weekend.

What’s Up, Philly?

Philly Mag did a wonderful profile on Carli Lloyd.

Lloyd is also driven by something bigger, something that began in South Jersey, where she still lives and still trains with Galanis. She’s a success story that could only happen here — the product of a rabid soccer culture and a unique bond with her trainer/coach. Galanis, a Melbourne native who still speaks with a heavy accent and punctuates sentences with “mate,” gambled on a young college player with talent to burn but a toughness deficit. Today, Lloyd stands with titans like Carl Lewis and Franco Harris as one of the best athletes ever to hail from South Jersey. And if Galanis didn’t happen to vacation in Greece when his star pupil was 10 years old, no one would know her name.

World/National News.

Billionaire population keeps growing: “The group grew by 6.4% to 2,473 in 2015; inheritances bring in new blood.”

Ratings for the Olympics keep getting worse: “The second night of NBC primetime coverage is off 32 percent from the comparable showing four years ago.”

Your GIF for August 8, 2016: I feel you, fam.

That’s it for today!! I’ll see you out there!!