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NCAA Rules Committee Recommends Tweak To Faceoffs For 2017, Experimental Two-Point Shot In The Fall.

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This should be fun!!

Denver Outlaws v Chesapeake Bayhawks Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

The NCAA Men’s Lacrosse Rules Committee recommended a tweak to faceoff procedures in 2017. The NCAA announced the news in a press release that dropped this afternoon.

The committee, which met Aug. 9-11 in Indianapolis, passed a proposal to modify the officiating mechanic used during faceoffs. During the faceoff procedure, game officials will center the ball 5 inches from the middle of the head of each faceoff player’s stick. The rules proposal aims to make the officiating mechanic clear and consistent for each faceoff and to enhance the fairness of the faceoff play.

While the rule change is probably a fait accompli, the recommendation must still be approved by the NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel during their conference call to discuss men’s lacrosse rules changes on Sept. 13. Though I still think we should get rid of faceoffs entirely, it will be interesting to see if the new tweak will fix some of my concerns regarding how unevenly refs apply the present faceoff rules.

In addition to the faceoff tweak the committee “recommended four experimental rules concepts for use in the fall non-traditional season.” They include a restricted offensive area, 10 yard substitution area, communication devices for on-field officials, & two-point goals.

It’s the last recommendation, two-point goals, that is the most interesting. Now this not a two-point arc. The proposed rule would only award teams two points “if a team scores within 30 seconds of gaining possession.” We’ll have to wait for the fall to see how it will affect games, but the immediate reaction on #LaxTwitter was mostly negative.

Be on the lookout for the kid’s post on the new rules coming up soon.