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The 2016 Crosseys Night 2!

The big awards get handed out tonight!

Relationships are important people!
Relationships are important people!
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The main event! Night 2!

In case you missed Night 1, we had some great winners last night!

So let's get things started once again!


Chris (C): Dylan Molloy was a Tonka Truck, a Hoss, whatever. Dude was a tank.

Eri (E): Molloy was incredible, even with a broken foot.

Ryan (R): Molloy was an absolute scoring machine all year and there's a reason why he's the Tewaaraton winner. Even with the upheaval at Brown this offseason I expect Molloy to help get We Brown Bears back into the NCAA's in 2017.


C: The midfield position wasn't so hot this year. Although Myles Jones did a lot in four years, I think he faded a little late in the season. Give me another senior Duke guy, Deemer Class, as the winner.

E: Jones was such a dynamic player and I doubt we'll see a player with the same mixture of speed, intelligence, strength, and productivity for some time.

R: Going a little lifetime achievement award here, but Myles Jones was the best midfielder at the college level even if his stats weren't what we expected this season. He was the catalyst for Duke's offense throughout the season and his shooting and speed were always a sight to see.


C: This category includes the d-middies and LSMs too. I didn't go with either of those positions though, but still showing love. Michael Quinn of Yale was the most dominant defender in the country before he had an ACL injury against Albany. He was the anchor to that Bulldog defense.

E: Matt Landis joined Johns Hopkins University defender (AND LA SALLE COLLEGE HIGH SCHOOL GRAD) Tucker Durkin as the only back-to-back Schmeisser Award winner since David Morrow in 1992-1993.

R: Christopher Keating was one of the leaders of a Yale defense that quitely was one of the best in the nation and he also has some real good defensive numbers, especially #3 in forced turnovers. Although Matt Landis got the Tewaaraton nod, I'll go with Keating in a bit of an upset I guess.


C: Jack Kelly of Brown was filthy this year. Just like the overall Brown team, Kelly vastly improved this season. As much as the offense was vital for Bruno, so was Kelly.

E: Kelly was great all season and his stellar 2nd half against Maryland kept Brown in the game.

R: Another hard one here, but I'll go with John Connors, especially after what he did during the NCAA Tournament standing on his head. Navy might not have gotten to where they did all season without Connors and they'll have a pretty big hole to fill with him gone next season.


C: How in the world does Joe Breschi not win this after beating Notre Dame in the Horseshoe to earn a trip to Championship Weekend? All the feels when that interview happened. And it's not everyday we see Deadspin talk something positive about lacrosse!

E: Joe Breschi talking about his late son with Paul Carcaterra after UNC earned a trip to the Final Four.

R: The moment that really set off UNC's title run, in my opinion, was Coach Breschi returning to his old home at Ohio State and the Heels beating Notre Dame while rallying around him. Breschi lost his son while he was coaching in Columbus before taking the UNC job and made it an emotional game for him. The way that team came together for their coach was inspiring and you couldn't make it out of that postgame press conference without getting your eyes all watered up. Afterwards Breschi joined his team in celebration, did a little dab for them, and by then everything was in motion for the Heels to play for one another and take home the national title. Oh yeah, they also killed my whole UNC Final Four drought meme in the process.


C: I like Brown. Sure UNC won the title and Maryland was probably the most consistent, but Brown deserves this award. Criticize me please.

E: UNC was the best team in the tournament, but I think Maryland was the best team overall. They had the longest run of sustained success and just fell a bit short in OT of the championship game.

R: If we're going by giving it by default to the title winner, then yes it's UNC. But if we're talking all-around from the start of the season to the end, it's Maryland. And although they fell short again, I think it's only a matter of time before they finally get that national championship with John Tillman at the helm.


C: TITLE GAME. It was unbelievable throughout, and it was certainly the best lacrosse game at any level that I've ever watched.

E: Maryland versus Brown. The entire game had the feel of a heavy weight bout.

R: There's some real good ones this season- Denver-Notre Dame, Syracuse-Albany in the first round, and the Maryland-Brown semifinal, but on lacrosse's biggest stage on Memorial Day, the national title game's tops. UNC and Maryland both brought their A-game and put together a stunning showpiece for the sport. The final 5 minutes and the overtime period were probably the nuttiest I've seen in a long time. More or less this game was why Jay-Z and Kanye West made up the term HAM.


C: Obviously Dylan Molloy. Heck, he also had the best scooter in 2016.

E: Dylan's 2016 and his performance in the Final Four on one foot against MD will be remembered for a long time.

R: The more correct answer is Taylor Cummings, who with Kayla Treanor made the sport of women's lacrosse their personal playgrounds the past 4 years, but for the men's game it's Molloy. He was an absolute scoring machine all year and there's a reason why he's the Tewaaraton winner. Even with the upheaval at Brown this offseason I expect Molloy to help get We Brown Bears back into the NCAA's in 2017. (This is the same thing I said in the Best Attack category)

Did we snub people? Vent below in the comments!