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Our Response to the ESPYS: The 2016 Crosseys, Night 1!

Our first ever awards based post in honor of the questionable ESPYS!

Nova got snubbed!
Nova got snubbed!
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Let's step away from the whole Utah situation for a few minutes.

We've been putting bows on the season for many teams this offseason, but we haven't really done a "best of" post yet. YIKES! Well, let's get that done now.

In honor of the ESPYS being held on last week, we decided to have our own ESPYS like award show, except it's not picked by the fans (for now). Instead, Eri, Ryan, and myself are the three judges. We give you, the Crosseys!

So, let's get to it!

We'll split the awards into two nights since it's really the biggest event in all of college lacrosse.


Chris (C): I somewhat cheated. I pick Jordie and Charlie Wisco from Barstool Sports. They're not the lacrosse expert or writer that I follow, but for the common fan, the two Stoolies do the job. And what timing! #SaturdaysAreForTheBoys.

Eri_Barrister (E): @ugalax. Woof.

RyanMcD29 (R): Alright, cheating a little bit by having Patrick Stevens on this given he dabbles in all college sports, but his lacrosse bracketologies are a godsend come April and he's got a glut of information to share with lacrosse fans. He's also got some real in-depth previews and reviews for the entire D-1 landscape.


C: I love my Cuse all-oranges, but I really love Salisbury's combo of maroon helmet and yellow unis.

E: Anything Johns Hopkins University wore in 2016. Close 2nd, Syracuse's all-white uniforms.

R: Sadly, college lacrosse is where good uniform design comes to die in recent years, but Under Armour's had some real solid looks for their schools. I think Notre Dame's gold/navy/navy set comes off nicely and is distinctive without going overboard, so I'll put this one down for them.


C: Cuse's chrome babies. Litty litty litty litty litty.

E: Johns Hopkins University had the best helmets in 2016, don't @ me.

R: I guess Notre Dame's gold?


C: Pat Spencer. All that needs to be said.

E: Pat Spencer. #FreePatSpencer

R: The fact Spencer should have been a Tewaaraton finalist and is only a freshman is all you need to know about this kid's future. The Greyhounds are going to be stout the next 3 seasons with him on the point.


C: Give me Joe Breschi of UNC. A meh team before playing Duke became an okay team after Duke and Virginia and then a possible NCAA Tourney team after beating Notre Dame and then winning the National Championship WITHOUT Joey Sankey, Jimmy Bitter, and Chad Tutton. Wow.

E: Joe Breschi. What's up, Mr. Breschi?!?!

R: There's a reason Lars Tiffany got paid handsomely by UVA this offseason- he knows how to coach. Bringing Brown from mediocrity to the Final Four with one of the most explosive offenses the sport's ever seen is a huge testament for Tiffany. He now leaves Brown in a much better spot than he arrived and now should help UVA rebuild and get back to being a national power.


C: I love Bailey Tillssick score against Maryland in the semifinals.

E: Syracuse robbing Army's AJ Barretto and then knocking down his stick.

R: Look, there's flashier goals out there. But I'm going with the one that brought the title home to Chapel Hill and capped one probably the greatest NCAA Lacrosse championship game we've ever seen. Chris Cloutier was on fire all of Memorial Day weekend and this was the one that will make him a UNC legend forever.


C: Will Gural of Brown was important to the Brown offense as Dylan Molloy was. And that is a #HOTTAKE. Winning the faceoffs to going on fast breaks and scoring made Brown that much scarier in 2016.

E: I think Trevor Baptiste is amazing and at worst the 3rd or 4th most important player on Denver's roster.

R: As much as the Syracuse homer in me wants to go with Ben Williams, I'm going to go with Baptiste here. Although he had his struggles in the upset loss to Towson in the first round, Baptiste was still a faceoff machine once again for the Pioneers.

Night 2 is tomorrow! Give us your picks in the comments below!