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What Utah Reportedly Adding D1 Lacrosse Means Part 2

We can't get enough Utah!

Could BYU be next? Yay? Nay? I don't know.
Could BYU be next? Yay? Nay? I don't know.
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Last time on Utah Watch:

Well that certainly went 0-100 REAL QUICK.

Meanwhile, (tall grass emoji, eyeballs emoji, tall grass emoji)

They are following the #EriDoctrine, ALWAYS HAVE A RESPONSE READY!!

This story just keeps getting better, amirite?

"This is VERY exciting news."

Fonzie prepares to jump over buses!

I'd sound the alarm, but they've been on non-stop since Tuesday morning.

And now the next part of, Utah Watch!

So I hope you read Part 1, which talked a ton about the Utah situation. Then more news broke. And we know more about what's happening regarding Utah. Lax Sports Network reported that an announcement regarding moving from the MCLA to Division 1 will come Thursday. However, a letter that was sent yesterday reads that going D1 is just a goal that can be reached if goals are accomplished.

Make no doubts about it, the staff of Brian and Marcus Holman, along with Will Manny, is STACKED. It's definitely a Division 1 staff, and I hope that they do indeed go D1 sooner than later. But it sounds like it's not written in stone just yet.IT MIGHT HAPPENING!

So with Utah maybe going D1 soon (hopefully), who might be next/who would I like to see move up? I've got five on my mind.

1. BYU Cougars

Named after Brigham Young, aka the second most important Mormon after Joseph Smith and in front of Jimmer Fredette, the Cougars have a very good MCLA program. And heck, Utah and BYU are rivals, so why not add another sport to the mix? Title IX is also in the right range!


Only time will tell...WAIT WHO?!

Eyes on Utah! Also considered: Utah State.

2. Morgan State Bears

Lax Magazine's Corey McLaughlin reported that Morgan State will consider adding Men's and Women's lacrosse over the next few months. The team would return to D1 since the iconic Ten Bears team that lasted from 1970 until 1981. Morgan State would join Hampton as the only HBCU teams currently in men's Division 1 lacrosse, and third overall in both genders (Howard is a D1 team in the women's game). Keep an eye out for that. Also considered: Howard.

3. Bowling Green Falcons

Bowling Green? Yes, it's not a big name school like Utah, USC, or the other USC (South Carolina). But as I talked about yesterday with women's lacrosse, it seems like the smaller schools have gone after lacrosse more than the big name schools. It would join Ohio State and Cleveland State as teams in Ohio, and its location in northwest Ohio makes it very close to Michigan, Detroit, and even Notre Dame. Not to mention Marquette and Bellarmine as well makes the midwest a booming region. Plus, they have some history. Also considered: Cincinnati.

4. Florida Gators

Prime location? Check. Big alumni base? Check. Big name school with big athletics? Check. Growing lacrosse spot? Check. Lacrosse is growing in Florida, and the Gators also have a women's team that's developed into a very good D1 team in just a few years. It'd be tough to compete with their dominant baseball program, which reached the College World Series again this season. But I think it can work. Also considered: Tennessee.

5. Texas Longhorns

HOOK 'EM HORNS! Again, very similar to Florida, but Texas is probably a bigger budding lax region than Florida (#HOTTAKE). Kids such as Sam Romano and Brandon Mullins are from the Lone Star State, and there is definitely top star talent around that area that a school like Texas could easily grab and start to become a rising power. Also considered: Oklahoma.


Literally, I don't have a specific preference regarding schools, I just want Cali to have a school have lacrosse, or two, or three, or four, or more. California is also a growing market, and the women's game has started to grow in the state. Make it happen!

Will I be wrong about most of these? ABSOLUTELY! But will I hope that I'm right on one or two? YES!

Who do you think will be next or who you want to see have a D1 team next? I didn't choose any Northeast or Mid-Atlantic region schools as well. Use your First Amendment rights and give me your opinions in the comments below.