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Report: UNC Assistant Coach Brian Holman Next Head Coach of Utah Lacrosse. (H/T @JHLacrosse) (Updated: IL Posted Full Utah Lacrosse Letter.)

Utah is so lit right now.

What's up, Utah?!?
What's up, Utah?!?
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Jordan Harris of BYU Lacrosse is certainly having an exciting week. In a HOT Tweet, Jordan linked to an emailed letter to the Utah Lacrosse family from Utah Lacrosse that attempted to provide some clarity on what was going on with the program.

I highly encourage you to read the full letter, or I would if it wasn't taken down shortly after it was posted.

I was working on this post when the letter was deleted, so I wasn't able to copy many quotes, but I did catch this one important line before the page went down.

"This is VERY exciting news. Last week, thanks to years of hard work in the administrative areas of the program, the support from some very generous boosters, and amazing support from the University Athletics Department, we were able to hire Brian Holman to become the new Head Coach of the Men’s Lacrosse Program at Utah."

The letter stated that everything was not official yet, but that exciting things were happening at Utah. The letter also mentioned a staff would join Holman at Utah.

@LaxSportsNet, which hasn't backed down from their original reports about Utah going D1, also Tweeted about the potential new staff at Utah.

The letter also included other important details about the program and the timing of the announcement, but as I said, the post was deleted shortly after it went up so it is difficult to share the information.  Jordan addressed why he took the letter down in subsequent Tweets.

This story just keeps getting better, amirite? #BestOffseasonEver

We'll stay on this developing story.

Udate: Nice to see IL get in on the action. The below Tweet has a link to the full letter.