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Utah Athletics Says No Plan To Add Men's Lacrosse "At This Time." @LaxSportsNet Says Announcement Likely Thursday.

The Utes put some water on the fire.

Stand up, Utah!!!
Stand up, Utah!!!
Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

In what might be the first Lacrosse Twitter clap-back by an official athletics department Twitter account in response to a Tweet, the University of Utah Athletics Department replied to @LaxSportsNet's report that they were going Division 1 in men's lacrosse with a big "Nah."

I've never seen anything like this before in the lacrosse world. (#WeMadeIt?) POWER move by the Utes. They are following the #EriDoctrine, ALWAYS HAVE A RESPONSE READY!!

The Utah Tweet does damper the mood a bit. You can of course read into the message and see that there is plenty of wiggle room. "At this time" gives Utah acres of room to roam with their next response. Moreover, as our man @AnonymousEagle Tweeted, just because there's no plan doesn't mean other things aren't going on.

@LaxSportsNet is not only is sticking with their story but doubled down with another Tweet that the announcement is coming on Thursday.

As always, we're keeping our ears to the grindstone. #BestOffseasonEver.