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@LaxSportsNet Reports The University Of Utah To Add Men's Lacrosse Starting 2019 or 2020.

Stand up, Utah!!!

GOT 'EM!!!!
GOT 'EM!!!!
Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Well that certainly went 0-100 REAL QUICK.

Sunday night  we put up a post about some noise out in Utah that the Utes were going D1 in men's lacrosse soon. The tasty rumors came from some Tweets by BYU Lacrosse alum and coach, Jordan Harris (@JHLacrosse), and were compiled into a great post by the good people at @4OneTwoLax.

While these were only rumors at the time, Jordan did pull a great line to support his claims from @EdwardLeeSun's June 6th, 2016 post on BOSS Starsia and how coach was looking for "another great adventure" post-UVA. In Lee's post, Starsia mentioned a discussion he had with officials about a lacrosse opportunity out in Utah. The discussions were far enough that Starsia discussed the topic of moving out to Utah with his wife and sounded like he was seriously contemplating the idea.  Harris also Tweeted that UNC assistant Brian Holman was on Utah's campus with recruits recently, so there seemed to be something going on in Utah.

Now with the breaking report out of @LaxSportsNet, it appears that the rumors have a lot more substance. While there hasn't been an official press release from Utah, it looks like things are happening in the Beehive State. As always, we'll keep our ears to the grindstone for further details.