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Philly Phour Phocus: JUST FREAKING WIN!

Just a Philly Kid (who's college team got an AQ over the weekend) covering Philly teams.

This won't happen if any Philly team wins their conference tournament, but still, JUST WIN!
This won't happen if any Philly team wins their conference tournament, but still, JUST WIN!
Derik Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

YO ADRIAN! Tell our teams what they need to do this weekend!


And that I will, I will take you to this week's Philly Phour Phocus! Welcome to this week's edition of the Philly Phour Phocus, which is properly spelled for the occasion. In case you've decided to join us just in time for the postseason, we're following all four Philly teams as the season goes on and updating their chances of repping the great city in this year's Final Four. Did I mentioned that it's going to be in Philly? Well if you still haven't heard, and if you haven't heard I don't know how, the Final Four is in Philly this year! Eri and I will be repping the region up in the press box!

Last week, our four teams did fairly well, including Drexel, who kept their CAA Tournament hopes alive. With some help, did the Dragons squeak by and extend their season by just a bit? How did St. Joe's get the opportunity to host the NEC Tournament again? And what seed will Nova rep in the Big East Tournament? To the Big Board we go! This week's Philly Phour Phocus Big Board is sponsored by East Oak Lane. East Oak Lane: The Oak Lane that doesn't get the respect that it deserves (West Oak Lane gets all the love).

Philly Phour Phocus Big Board For May 5, 2016
Team 2016 Overall Record 2016 Conference Record Last Week's Results This Week's Schedule
Drexel 6-8 2-3 (4th in CAA) W vs. UMass 10-5 Thu. @ Towson (CAA Semifinal); CAA Championship: Saturday (If Necessary)
Penn 8-6 4-2 (3rd in Ivy) IDLE Fri. vs. Yale (Ivy League Semifinal); Ivy Championship: Sunday (If Necessary)
St. Joe's 11-3 5-1 (1st in NEC) W vs. Mount St. Mary's 12-5 Thu. vs. Robert Morris (NEC Semifinal); NEC Championship: Saturday (If Necessary)
Villanova 9-4 3-2 (3rd in Big East) W vs. Providence 14-7 Thu. vs. Marquette (Big East Semifinal); Big East Championship: Saturday (If Necessary)


The Dragons needed to beat Delaware and UMass, along with Delaware losing to Fairfield, in order to reach the CAA Tournament. Their chances were bleak, but an OT over the Blue Hens helped their cause. But on Friday, the Dragons double downed on UMass 10-5, while the Blue Hens lost to Fairfield by that same score and GUESS WHO'S LAUGHING NOW!? The Dragons were spearheaded by a four goal performance from Robert Frazee, while Nick Valentino (a Hempfield grad!) scored a hat-trick, and Jimmy Joe Granito made 10 saves. Drexel scored a season-high four goals on man-up, with three coming from Frazee. FOGO Nabil Akl went 12-of-17 from the faceoff X, and also scooped up a game-high eight ground balls.

The Dragons take on top-seed Towson, who they lost to earlier in the season by a score of 11-7. If they win, they'll take on the winner of Fairfield and Hofstra, who both defeated Drexel earlier in the season.

Current Big Dance Chance: 10%. Up from 2% last week, and it could have been 0% too. Drexel has a very tough task against Towson tonight, but if they can get by, they might have a really good shot of winning it all on Saturday.


The Quakers did absolutely nothing regarding competitive lacrosse this weekend. They probably practiced a little, but no games. Studying for finals, yeah probably, it's an Ivy. Did they go to parties, probably. The Broad Street Run, maybe? I don't know if they had practice on Sunday.

So with that, the Quakers travel to Rhode Island for the Ivy League Tournament as the #3 seed. They'll take on Yale Friday night in a rematch of Penn's heartbreaking 11-10 overtime loss to the Bulldogs. A win will give them a matchup with the winner of the Brown and Harvard semi.

Current Big Dance Chance: 25%. No movement, because this was set in stone last week. Yale struggled against Harvard though, and they have been inconsistent for the past few weeks, especially with losses against Brown and Albany in back-to-back weeks. Penn is ready to bounce, and I wouldn't be shocked if Yale was bounced early.

St. Joe's:

The Hawks needed to win their NEC finale against Mount St. Mary's in order to host the NEC Tournament yet again. With a 12-5 win, they will do just that. Led by T.J. Jones's 13 saves and Mike Lanham (a Garnet Valley grad!) winning 14 faceoffs, the Hawks overpowered the Mountaineers in all facets of the game. Kevin Forster (a La Salle College High School graduate!) had a hat-trick and an assist to lead all scorers with four points. Chris Blewitt had a pair of goals as well.

The Hawks will host 4th seed Robert Morris tonight in the NEC Semifinals. The Colonials upset the Hawks earlier in April 13-8, after St. Joe's beat Bryant in overtime. Expect a way different St. Joe's team from the first time out. Winner of that game takes on the winner of Hobart and Bryant on Saturday.

Current Big Dance Chance: 65%. Up from 55% last week. They should beat Robert Morris tonight, but the bigger task will probably be conquering Bryant again. It's tough to beat a team twice in a season, and it should be another tough win for the Hawks. Bryant is also in consideration for an at-large bid if they lose in the NEC Championship.


The Wildcats were in the Big East Tournament, but their seed wasn't set in stone yet. A win against Providence assured them of the #3 seed. They beat Providence 14-7 on the Main Line last weekend, as Joey Froccaro scored a hat-trick with an assist, while Christian Cuccinello, Danny Seibel, and Johnny Gallaway each had a pair of goals as well. With the win, the 'Cats will take on Marquette in the Big East Semifinals. The Golden Eagles creamed Nova 11-3 back in early April, so let's hope that Nova can get a win out of this the second time around. Odds are the loser won't be in the NCAA Tournament. The winner plays the winner of Providence and Denver (let's be real, it'll be Denver) in the Big East Championship on Saturday.

Current Big Dance Chance: 50%. It's down from 60% last week. They NEED to win this semifinal. JUST WIN THE FREAKING SEMIFINAL! Odds are, we could have as little as ZERO Philly teams and as much as maybe two or three OR HECK EVEN FOUR (PEEP DREXEL)! But please Nova, you've been the best Philly team this year. JUST FREAKING WIN THE SEMIFINAL TO GET IN...HOPEFULLY!

Let's not make this the second-to-last time we have to dance: