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Sacred Heart University Men's Lacrosse Team to Participate in Head Impacts Study During 2016 Season.

Proactive step by US Lacrosse on an important issue.

I alluded to this earlier in the Prospectus this morning, but felt it deserved its own post.  Back in late December, the Fairfield-Sun posted that US Lacrosse awarded  $15,000 to Sacred Heart to study head impacts in men’s college lacrosse. Along with students and researchers, the ballers Pioneers men's lacrosse team will be a crucial part of the study. The players will wear "GForceTracker helmet sensors" (Ed. Note: I love the name.) in games and practices throughout the 2016 season.

I'll let Director Theresa Miyashita explain.

"We have a great group here doing some really interesting research on a very important and hot topic," she says. "Our primary goal is to investigate the potential cumulative effects of sub-concussive impacts on collegiate lacrosse players, ultimately to improve player safety."

While this will inevitably conjure up thoughts of a certain league and their handling of a similar issue in a different sport *Cough*. I think this is actually a really great move by US Lacrosse and should be welcomed by the lacrosse community. Closing your eyes to available data and hoping a lawsuit issue goes away is not the best course of action. The truth will set you free and you can't know that until you start researching.

Good job by US Lacrosse in taking the initial step in the right direction. Also, shout out to the Pioneers for stepping up and being a part of this study. I'll follow-up on this story later on during the season.