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Great Accomplishments in Athletic Department Photographs: Hofstra's Steve Romano

This is something special.

Do you know Hofstra's Steve Romano? You should.

The senior short-stick defensive midfielder for the Pride will help stabilize a defense that finished 2014 ranked 25th in adjusted defensive efficiency and will move into 2015 attempting to replace major defensive contributors like Corey Caputo, Anthony Zappone, and Steve Satterthwaite. His individual stat line while at Hofstra isn't mind-bendingly impressive -- he owns a goal and an assist in his career to compliment 76 groundballs and 19 caused turnovers -- and Romano has yet to earn all-league honors in his three seasons in Hempstead, but there's little question as to the importance of Romano's role for Hofstra in 2015.

All of that is important for lacrosse purposes, but Romano arguably has a higher calling this year in the field of fashion sense and design:

Some thoughts about this magnificent outfit:

  • Romano is wearing a school portrait backdrop as his suit. Children of the '80's and '90's are having horrifying flashbacks to socially-crippling pictures taken in front of what Romano has fashioned into outerwear.
  • THE TIE MATCHES THE FREAKIN' SUIT JACKET! It's not like Romano went down to Goodwill and found himself a hyper-elite jacket. This is an entire ensemble, a way of life.
  • Listed at 6' 1", 190 pounds, Romano is built like a brick discotheque.
  • The only setting I can see someone wearing this suit: It's 1985 and there's a big party at a bond trader's mansion in the Hamptons. People are talking on gigantic telephones and there's a hardcore game of Simon going on in the corner as people rock out to Wham!'s Careless Whisper (the song with the sexiest saxophone solo ever). In walks Steve Romano in this suit and he is instantly offered a gold spittoon filled with cocaine.
  • I honestly didn't realize you could get a suit made out of machined stained glass.