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USILA Announces Division I Lacrosse All-America Teams

This is where you scream and shout about things.

Drew Hallowell

The USILA announced their Division I All-America lists today. A total of 96 -- 96! -- players earned honors this year, which is somewhere in the vicinity of four percent of Division I's players noted as putting in exceptional efforts this season. Here's how the first team selections look:

First Team

Lyle Thompson, University at Albany
Miles Thompson, University at Albany
Jordan Wolf, Duke University

Connor Buczek, Cornell University
Mike Chanenchuk, University of Maryland
Deemer Class, Duke University
Tom Schreiber, Princeton University

Joe Fletcher, Loyola University
Goran Murray, University of Maryland
Steven O'Hara, University of Notre Dame

Kevin Massa, Bryant University

Niko Amato, University of Maryland

Long-stick midfield
Michael Ehrhardt, University of Maryland
John LoCascio, Villanova University

Some brief thoughts on the first team:

  • Four first team midfielders and two long-stick midfielders is too many. I wouldn't have a problem with four midfielders if one was a defensive specialist, but putting four offensive midfielders on the first team is kind of ridiculous, as is having two poles on the list. It's supposed to be hard to pick the first team, as well as to make the first team.
  • I doubt that anyone is going to strenuously argue with that first team attack. That unit could storm enemy territory and leave with vast quantities of gold and other valuables.
  • I'm not sure that I totally agree with having Massa ahead of Raffa or Fowler this year. In 2013, it felt like Massa was more deserving than Fowler. In 2014, though, Maryland and Duke have received a greater proportion of their offensive opportunities from faceoff wins, opportunities that are significantly important against schedules much more difficult than what the Bulldogs faced this season. Looking beyond the mere draw rate of Massa, a solid case can be made that both Raffa and Fowler had more valuable seasons than Massa.
  • That first team defense looks right. I'm not really sure how you crack that group this year. That's three solid defenseman with an eye toward ruining opposing offenses.
  • Amato earned it this season. I'm okay with that one.

Here are the rest of the teams:

Second Team

Matt Kavanagh, University of Notre Dame
Kiernan McArdle, St. John's University
Kevin Rice, Syracuse University
Justin Ward, Loyola University

Myles Jones, Duke University
Pat Laconi, Loyola University
Jeremy Noble, University of Denver
Chad Tutton, University of North Carolina

Scott McWilliams, University of Virginia
Brandon Mullins, Syracuse University
Jack Reilly, Johns Hopkins University

Charlie Raffa, University of Maryland

Jack Runkel, Loyola University

Long-stick midfield
Michael Pellegrino, Johns Hopkins University

Third Team

Wes Berg, University of Denver
Mark Cockerton, University of Virginia
John Glesener, United States Military Academy
Joey Sankey, University of North Carolina

Ryan Creighton, University of North Carolina
Jesse King, Ohio State University
Zack Losco, University of Pennsylvania
Ben McIntosh, Drexel University

Chris Hipps, Duke University
Maxx Meyer, University of Pennsylvania
Tanner Scales, University of Virginia

Brendan Fowler, Duke University
Tyler Knarr, Georgetown University

Austin Kaut, Pennsylvania State University
Brian Feeney, University of Pennsylvania
Gunnar Waldt, Bryant University

Long-stick midfield
Luke Duprey, Duke University

Honorable Mention

Jimmy Bitter (University of North Carolina, Ryan Brown (Johns Hopkins University), Mike Crampton (United States Air Force Academy), Josh Dionne (Duke University), Dylan Donahue (Syracuse University), Matt Donovan (Cornell University), Devin Dwyer (Harvard University), Matt Gregoire (UMBC), Richie Hurly (Siena College), Ty Thompson (University at Albany), Dan Litner (Cornell University), Sam Llinares (Hofstra University), Dan Lomas (High Point University), Colin McLinden (Fairfield University), Tyler Melnyk (Marquette University), Conrad Oberbeck (Yale University), James Pannell (University of Virginia), Nikko Pontrello (Loyola University), Wells Stanwick (Johns Hopkins University), Shane Sturgis (Pennsylvania State University), Dan Taylor (Lehigh University), Nick Trizano (Drexel University)

Eric Adamson (University of Denver), Ryan Belka (Drexel University), Holden Cattoni (Johns Hopkins University), Colin Dunster (Bryant University), Rob Emery (University of Virginia), Will Haus (Duke University), Ryan Izzo (University of Massachusetts), Chris LaPierre (University of Virginia), Jack Near (University of Notre Dame), Erik Smith (United States Air Force Academy), Christian Walsh (Duke University), Billy Ward (Syracuse University)

Christian Burgdorf (University of Denver), Robert Duvnjak (Harvard University), Tom Freshour (Cornell University), Matt Harris (Syracuse University), Robert Lawrence (Colgate University), Henry Lobb (Duke University), Joe Meuer (Ohio State University), Austin Pifani (University of North Carolina), Jackson Place (Bucknell University), Jordan Stevens (Cornell University), Tripp Telesco (Lehigh University)

Nick Saputo (Drexel University)

Kieran Burke (University of North Carolina), Matt Poillon (Lehigh University), Sam Somers (United States Military Academy)

Long-stick midfield
Pat Kiernan (United States Naval Academy), Bobby Schmitt (Bellarmine University)

Some brief thoughts on the second, third, and honorable mention teams:

  • No Jamie Faus or Ryan LaPlante? No Randy Staats, Ryan McGee, J.D. Recor, or Shayne Adams? No Stephen Jahelka? If almost 100 cats are going to receive honors, there were a few that seemed oddly removed from the list.
  • Three third team keepers? C'mon!
  • Pat Laconi arguably deserved first team honors, but if Laconi is going to earn a nod to the second team, why not put Will Haus on the third team? (As pointed out in the comments, Creighton made the third team. That's bad on my part. Pay attention, Suxa!)
  • I'm not sure there would be enough ball to go around if the second team attack actually had to play together. There are a lot of ball-dominating guys there.
  • Nikko Pontrello seems to have been caught in the wash. It happens.