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College Lacrosse Schedule for April 8, 2014

There are a couple of gigantic games on the schedule today.

Drew Hallowell

Your Russian dashboard cam animated .gif/video of the day:


Anyway, there are a handful games today. Here are your highlights:

  • Syracuse at Cornell: Cornell-Hobart is a longer rivalry with a deeper ties to the region, but Syracuse-Cornell has become -- thanks to the Red's revitalization over the last 15 years or so -- the eyeballs-necessary matchup in Upstate New York. The Orange are 9-6 against the Big Red in the programs' last 15 meetings, but the series has been evenly split over the last four games between the two powerhouse schools. This game matters for regional pride and also carries national implications -- Cornell is looking to erase doubt that surrounds the team's start to their 2014 campaign while Syracuse is looking for a win to maintain its NCAA Tournament trajectory. The Red are the favorites against the Orange at Schoellkopf Field, but this rivalry often turns favorites into mush given how balanced these teams are in the overall.
  • Lehigh at Princeton: From Princeton's press release on the game:

    Welcome to either the 12th, 14th or 16th game between Princeton and Lehigh, as the teams meet for the first time since either 1933, 1935 or 1940.

    No matter what is actually true from way back when, it is a fact that the teams meet tonight for the first time in a long time.

    The Princeton record book and the Lehigh record book agree that the first game in the series was a 3-1 Princeton win in 1888. They also agree that there were 10 more games through 1933, though they disagree on the final score of the 1933 game - Lehigh has it 8-4 Princeton; Princeton has it 8-1.

    It gets a little murkier in 1934 and 1935, when Lehigh has games against Princeton but Princeton has games against Lehigh L.C., not Lehigh, like the first 11 games. Then there’s 1940 and 1941, when Lehigh has a pair of games against Princeton that Princeton has no record of having been played.

    Both schools agree that Lehigh has beaten Princeton once, by a 3-1 score in 1890.

    All those smart kids more than a half-century ago may have been geniuses, but they were terrible at taking notes. Be better dorks, dorks.

Here's today's full schedule with links to things so that you can monitor the carnage:

Dartmouth Hartford 4:00 P.M. LIVE STATS VIDEO
Notre Dame Marquette 5:00 P.M. LIVE STATS VIDEO
Syracuse Cornell 7:00 P.M. LIVE STATS VIDEO
Boston University Harvard 7:00 P.M. LIVE STATS VIDEO
Marist Hofstra 7:00 P.M. LIVE STATS VIDEO
Manhattan Lafayette 7:30 P.M. LIVE STATS VIDEO
Lehigh Princeton 7:30 P.M. LIVE STATS VIDEO // ESPNU

Leave your thoughts about the games or anything else (QUERY: How does smoked velociraptor taste?) in the comments below.