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NCAA Tournament Bracketology: Pre-Selection Sunday Aggregation

Who is looking good and who is in trouble?

Eric Hartline-US PRESSWIRE

I'll update this post until Sunday morning and then move to a dedicated Sunday morning aggregation. Let's get right to it (make sure you click those links to read the full pieces; there's important information included in the projections (including projected matchups)):

ACC* Notre Dame (4) Notre Dame (3) Notre Dame (8)
America East Albany (U) Albany (U) Albany (U)
Atlantic Sun High Point (Play-In) Mercer (Play-In) Mercer (Play-In)
Big East Denver (U) Denver (U) Denver (U)
THUNDERDOME! Hofstra (U) Hofstra (U) Hofstra (U)
ECAC Fairfield (Play-In) Fairfield (Play-In) Fairfield (U)
Ivy Cornell (3) Harvard (U) Harvard (Play-In)
MAAC Siena (Play-In) Siena (Play-In) Siena (Play-In)
NEC St. Joseph's (Play-In) St. Joseph's (Play-In) St. Joseph's (Play-In)
Patriot* Loyola (5) Loyola (6) Loyola (3)
Cornell AQ (3) In (5) In (6)
Duke In (1) In (1) In (2)
Harvard In (U) AQ (U) AQ (Play-In)
Johns Hopkins In (U) In (U) In (U)
Maryland In (7) In (7) In (4)
North Carolina In (U) In (U) In (U)
Pennsylvania In (6) In (8) In (7)
Princeton Out Out Out
Syracuse In (2) In (2) In (1)
Virginia In (8) In (4) In (5)
Yale Out Out Out

Note: I'll include an Inside Lacrosse projection when they publish their next round.

*: League has conferred its automatic invitation to the NCAA Tournament.

Here's what the first four out and last two in look like:

  • First four out -- Drexel, Princeton, Penn State, and Yale (in that order); Last two in -- Johns Hopkins (second to last at-large) and Harvard (last at-large) were the last two teams in the bracket.
  • Lacrosse Magazine: First four out -- Yale, Drexel, Princeton, and Penn State (in that order); Last two in -- North Carolina (second to last at-large) and Johns Hopkins (last at-large) were the last two teams in the bracket.
  • Inside Lacrosse: First four out -- Princeton, Drexel, Yale, Bryant (in that order); Last two in -- North Carolina (second to last at-large) and Johns Hopkins (last at-large).


April 29, 2014:

  • Virginia has big seeding swings between the and the Lacrosse Magazine and Inside Lacrosse projections. Two have the 'Hoos with a definite home game in the first round; the other one has the Cavaliers on the cusp of making a road trip.
  • Notre Dame's wins against Maryland and Syracuse vaulted the Irish up each projection, moving from a bubble team to squarely within "Hostin' a home game!" territory.
  • North Carolina as an unseeded team is going to give a seeded team a non-stop nightmare. The 'Heels are a top-five quality team and are looking like they're set for a road trip. Drawing Carolina in the first round is pure evil.
  • The Ivy League looks like, at the moment, that it's maxed out at three teams with an outside shot at four. That feels right. Harvard-Yale in the first round of the Ivy League Tournament will go a long way toward defining the number of bids the conference gets.
  • The efforts that Drexel and Hofstra put together in the THUNDERDOME! Tournament will carry consequences.
  • Hopkins is currently on the right side of the bubble, but the Jays' date with Loyola on Saturday seems to exist as an opportunity to ensure participation in the field.
  • Denver as an unseeded team at this point puts pressure on the Pios to take care of business in the Big East Tournament.