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Drake Probably Likes Your Favorite Lacrosse Team

The last name "Ever," first name "Greatest" bandwagoner of them all rooted for your favorite team at one point or another. We have the evidence.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sport

As you already know, star rapper Drake loves sports. He also tends to root for lots of teams in sports. He'll even show up in your locker room to celebrate your win in the semifinals even if he has no connection to you. And Drake doesn't pick and choose sports like his friends -- he loves them all. Basketball, football, hockey, soccer . . . the guy will find about four teams in every sport to support if he can.

Which leads us to these facts: Drake is Canadian. Drakes likes American college athletics. Lacrosse is Canada's official Summer sport, even though they like the box stuff over the field game. The NCAA sponsors Division I lacrosse. With this evidence, we can only conclude that Drake is indeed a huge college lacrosse fan.

Thanks to our "sources," we found out that Drake is indeed a fan of the fastest game on two feet. As much as it may surprise you, he roots for teams. Lots of teams. So much so that he probably shares a rooting interest with your favorite team. Here's the evidence our "sources" have "confirmed" with us:

  • Drake was known for rocking a Syracuse lacrosse sweatshirt back in the day while walking the set of Degrassi: The Next Generation. He even caused a delay in the filming of a 2004 episode so he could watch the Syracuse-Navy national title game. This is your reminder that his character got shot and became paralyzed, forcing him into a wheelchair for the rest of the series.
  • Drake has been a big Duke lacrosse fan since 2007. He reportedly dropped a $15,000 club tab on Memorial Day 2010 to celebrate the Blue Devils' first championship.
  • At a recent concert in Baltimore, Drake wore a Johns Hopkins snapback and one of those cool old school jerseys the Blue Jays wore back in the day. He even gave a shoutout to "his boy" Dave Pietramala.
  • Drake tweeted a picture of himself walking around his mansion with a Lyle Thompson jersey on. University at Albany still has no idea how he was able to obtain this jersey, though rumors have spread that Drake personally ordered one direct from Nike's team wear website.
  • Speaking of tweets, Drake basically tweeted out every Rob Pannell goal during last year's NCAA Tournament. He posted a picture of himself in a Cornell t-shirt watching the quarterfinal game against Ohio State.
  • Drake has picked North Carolina to win two of the past five NCAA Tournaments to "show (his) fellow Heel fans some love and get them to the top."
  • Drake allegedly showed up to the 2011 Ivy League Tournament in a vintage Princeton varsity jacket. He hid away from the cameras after finding out the Tigers weren't in it. Thankfully, he found a vintage Harvard varsity jacket to wear to the championship game.
  • At the 2012 semis, Drake rocked a full Maryland outfit and was showing lots of support for the Terps. After the game, he showed up in Maryland's locker room to celebrate and give a motivational speech to the team, which concluded with a stirring performance of "Over."
  • Two days later, and again dressed to the nines in Maryland swag, he came on the field to congratulate the Loyola Greyhounds on their first national championship. There's a picture of him with a bunch of Loyola students on some young woman's Facebook page that racked up 36 likes.
  • Drake has commented multiple times about how much "swag" is in Notre Dame's uniforms. He actually posted a Vine clip of him finding out what the Irish would wear against Maryland, stating how "fresh" all that green looks.
  • At a Denver area club, Drake was seen wearing a raccoon hat stating that he's "all about the Pios" and how he wants to see them win their first title this season.
  • Drake shows some of the newer teams some love, as well. He's been spotted on the streets wearing High Point, Furman, Richmond, and Mercer lacrosse t-shirts on occasion.
  • Drake's hit song "Started from the Bottom" is allegedly a tribute to the Wagner Seahawks lacrosse team. Amid pressure from his record executives, who felt it was too good to keep locked, he released the song much sooner than he desired to, which would've been when Wagner won a conference tournament.

We have some more unconfirmed reports about other teams he roots for, but we need to "gather further evidence" from our "sources" before we dive into those.

That pretty much covers Drake's lacrosse fandom. Don't worry, women's lacrosse players, you've got a celebrity following too because Kenny Chesney is an avid women's lacrosse supporter. In fact, Chesney says he's a lifelong fan of Northwestern, Maryland, UNC, Syracuse, Florida, USC, Boston College, and Penn in the women's game.