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Lacrosse the Internet: March 3, 2014

Rhode Island weighs in on the SPRING SPORT! debate and more.

This is obviously your favorite site, but other people actually write important stuff sometimes. Now is that sometimes.

A Full Pint

Jim Donaldson: Shouldn't lacrosse be more of a spring thing?

Welcome to lacrosse in New England.

Supposedly, it’s a spring sport, meant to be played when the dogwood are in bloom, rather than in the midst of a polar vortex.

But not here. Not these days.

“It’s become a winter sport, not a spring sport,” Poirier said, a few minutes after Bryant, victimized by too many unforced turnovers, just missed upsetting those “other Bulldogs,” the nationally 12th-ranked team from Yale, 9-8, Saturday.

A few miles away, in Providence, where Brown was losing its home opener to 13th-ranked UMass, 15-2, Bears coach Lars Tiffany said the same thing: “We’ve become a winter sport.”

When Rhode Island starts to get pissed, you know there's trouble. A confused Rhode Island is bad news.


Are the Terps the best team in the land? Lets take a deeper look at Maryland's 10-6 win over Duke
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Sunday Post: Maryland, Duke Are Works In Progress, Virginia Back Among Elite, Clutch Kavanagh, Fan Polls, the Week Ahead
That's a lot of stuff.

Photos: UMd-Duke, UNC-Irish, UVa-Syracuse, Princeton-JHU
There were no streakers at these games, which is tragic.

St. Anthony's (NY) 2016 attackman 'Dusty' Heagerty will take his nickname, game to Michigan
There's one only Dusty in my book, and he's The American Dream.

Brewing Process

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