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Tracking Rambo Kill Counts: It Wasn't My War!

Things are getting difficult for college lacrosse's embodiment of bloodlust.

Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

Those pursuing and attempting to neutralize M. Rambo have become more competent. After locking up nine kills in his first two tours, M. Rambo has put six bodies into the ground in his last three fits of fury. There is still much blood on M. Rambo's hands . . .

(Click to have your neck broken.)

. . . but his rate of annihilating those that feel his violence has slowed. This is not necessarily problematic for M. Rambo -- he is, after all, in a new jungle, ripe with potential areas of disaster that he has not encountered in the past -- but it is a reflection of increased difficulty against stronger opposing forces.

M. Rambo -- not unlike J. Rambo -- remains an important tool of destruction. His contributions to Maryland's death machine are notable, and he is a major factor in the Terrapins ability to gut guerrilla forces. The volume of kills -- and the responsibility to bag those kills -- that he's assumed is in-line with the notable mercenaries that he's aligned with this year:

Shooting Percentage 33.33% 30.77% 50.00% 28.39%
Shots on Goal Percentage 63.64% 53.85% 70.00% 56.78%
Percent of Shots Saved 30.30% 23.08% 20.00% 28.39%
Opponent Save Percentage on Shots 47.62% 42.86% 28.57% 50.00%
Percentage of Total Goals 16.42% 23.88% 14.93% N/A
Percentage of Total Assists 14.29% 17.86% 7.14% N/A
Percentage of Total Points 15.79% 22.11% 12.63% N/A
Percentage of Total Shots 13.98% 22.03% 8.47% N/A
Percentage of Total Shots 15.67% 20.90% 10.45% N/A
Estimated Percentage of Possessions Ended 20.38% 25.48% 12.74% N/A
Estimated Percentage of Possessions Ended Positively 9.55% 13.38% 7.64% N/A
Estimated Percentage of Possessions Ended Negatively 10.83% 12.10% 5.10% N/A
Estimated Net Benefit -1.27% 1.27% 2.55% N/A
Estimated Points per 100 Offensive Opportunities 9.55 13.38 7.64 60.51

M. Rambo is more than just a lone vigilante, and those that he is running with need him to slay those in opposition as much as M. Rambo needs his fellow fighters to help clear a path.