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Acrosse the Lacrosse Polls: February 17, 2014

Aggregating the media and coaches polls, and generally making life terrific for everyone.


These pieces are usually more substantial, but as everyone is still kind of idling in the driveway, it's really hard to make internal combustion when you're just holding a can of gasoline and a bucket of screws. So, you get what you get at this point.

The media and coaches polls are out and there is some dissension at the top of each run:

  • In the media poll, Duke took home 19 first-place votes but Syracuse earned three. The Orange closed the gap in total points that the Devils had on Syracuse in the preseason media poll, inching closer to Duke after drubbing Siena and surviving against Albany.
  • In the coaches poll, Syracuse earned seven first-place votes while Duke topped three ballots and North Carolina sat in the pole position on one run.

12 teams have yet to play a regular season game at this point, so there is little reason to pop a spring in your brain, knock over a liquor store in a rage-induced coma, and sit in the clink all because you think it's unfair that a few teams took some nasty tumbles from the preseason ballot to today's release. Of course, if you want to do that, I'm all for getting your name in the newspaper.

Below is an aggregation of both the coaches and media polls. I'm holding off on featuring computer-type rankings until we get a little deeper into the season.

Syracuse 1 2 1.5
Duke 2 1 1.5
North Carolina 3 3 3.0
Notre Dame 4 4 4.0
Denver 6 6 6.0
Maryland 7 5 6.0
Virginia 5 7 6.0
Johns Hopkins 8 8 8.0
Princeton 10 9 9.5
Loyola 9 10 9.5
Albany 11 11 11.0
Penn State 12 12 12.0
Yale 13 13 13.0
Lehigh 15 14 14.5
Massachusetts 14 15 14.5
Ohio State 17 17 17.0
Pennsylvania 18 16 17.0
Cornell 16 19 17.5
St. John's 19 18 18.5
Bucknell ARV 20 21.0
Fairfield 19 24 21.5

In the media poll, Georgetown (25), Colgate (21), Villanova (11), Fairfield (9), Bryant (7), Rutgers (5), Bellarmine (4), Binghamton (3), Drexel (3), Canisius (2), and Marquette (2) also received votes. In the coaches poll, Villanova, Bucknell, Bryant, Colgate, Harvard, Georgetown, and Drexel received votes.