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ESPNU Announces College Lacrosse Preview Show

The network is giving Quint and Paul 30 minutes to melt your face.


SECTOR SPDRS -- whatever the hell that is -- is officially my favorite thing in the history of history. They could be the impetus behind the coming robot apocalypse -- have you purchased your anti-robot death ray yet? -- and I wouldn't care. This is because SECTOR SPDRS -- it sounds like a bad fantasy football team name -- is spending actual American dollars and giving Quint Kessenich and Paul Carcaterra the opportunity to preview the (already in progress) 2014 college lacrosse season.

To the press release!

The SECTOR SPDRS College Lacrosse Preview – hosted by ESPN analysts Quint Kessenich and Paul Carcaterra – will air Wednesday, Feb. 12, at 5 p.m. on ESPNU. The fast-paced, 30-minute show will capture the big picture storylines heading into the 2014 season.

A 30-minute college lacrosse preview show is better than a 0-minute college lacrosse preview show, especially with college hoops approaching its apex. I don't know how detailed Quint and Paul are going to get with the material -- the phrase "big picture storylines" implies that the top of the nation will get words as well as potential Tewaaraton candidates, but I'm not sure where the show goes after that -- but this is still better than nothing.