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Nick Doktor and the Pennsylvania Attack

Doktor will return to anchor the team's offense in 2015, but what will the team look like on the scoring end next spring?

Lacrosse Film Room -- subscribe to it; it'll make your eyeballs smile -- published that video about Nick Doktor. Doktor, a junior attackman for the Quakers, had a solid 2014 campaign for Penn: With 39 points on the year and 15 straight starts for the Quakes, Doktor earned All-Tournament honors after helping Pennsylvania to its first conference postseason championship. It was a solid year for the quiet pace-setter from Rochester, but Doktor's most important moments lie ahead of him in 2015 and beyond.

Pennsylvania's offense may look a little different in the coming spring than it did last season. Zack Losco and Drew Belinsky -- midfielders that provided balance to the Quakers offense while creating action that supported the offense as a whole -- have graduated, leaving Penn to find solutions to their departed contributions from last season (Losco finished second on the team in points in 2014 (26G, 13A) while Belinksy had a solid 15-and-12 year, an effort that saw the midfielder finish tied for third on the team in points). Pennsylvania will return its entire starting attack from last season -- Doktor, Isaac Bock, and Chris Hupfeldt -- but it's how that attack will function in a season without Losco and Belinsky's fire that is especially interesting about Doktor's role and what it means for the Quakers on a go-forward basis.

Looking at a truncated profile of Penn's returning starting attack, there is room for the group -- and Doktor -- to improve:

Nick Doktor Jr. 23 19 42 68 33.82% 53.49%
Isaac Bock Sr. 18 9 27 71 25.35% 38.30%
Chris Hupfeldt Sr. 8 8 16 24 33.33% 66.67%
TEAM 159 88 247 547 29.07% 51.46%
STARTING ATTACK 49 36 85 163 30.06% 48.04%
% Doktor 14.47% 21.59% 17.00% 12.43%
% Starting Attack 30.82% 40.91% 34.41% 29.80%

That isn't a monumental reliance on Doktor or the team's starting attack to carry the load for the Quakers last spring. Losco and Belinsky were -- obviously -- non-negligible members of Penn's entire offensive approach: Loading in their contributors, the two midfielders plus the team's starting attack accounted for almost 57 percent of the team's total goals, almost 70 percent of the team's helpers, over 61 percent of the team's total points, and almost 60 percent of Penn's total shots, the five players shooting almost 28 percent as a group. The balance that Losco and Belinsky provided -- as evidenced through the additional offensive responsibility locked within these five annotated players -- is a big thing that Doktor and the team's entire attack will face going into 2015.

How the Quakers address their offensive gaps next year should serve as an early storyline for the team. Inside Lacrosse's fall check in with the program didn't reveal a lot of secrets, but it appears as if Kevin Brown -- a sophomore that saw time at attack last season and pitched in 23 points for Penn -- will factor into the analysis as well as Joe McCallion and Pat Berkery through the midfield.