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NCAA Lacrosse Rankings: College Crosse's Weekly Media Poll Ballot

It's the last ballot before the truly last ballot.


Here's what I'm submitting this week. As always, some brief notes accompany the ballot so that you can understand why I did what I did.

College Crosse's Media Poll Ballot: May 6, 2013
1. North Carolina 11. Ohio State +7
2. Syracuse +3 12. Notre Dame -5
3. Cornell -1 13. Yale +1
4. Lehigh +2 14. Princeton -1
5. Denver -1 15. Pennsylvania -3
6. Loyola -3 16. Johns Hopkins +3
7. Maryland +3 17. Bucknell -1
8. Duke +1 18. St. John's -1
9. Penn State -1 19. Drexel -4
10. Albany +1 20. Virginia
  • New this week: None. Dropped out this week: None. This is also how I clean my apartment: It's all the same mess, just in different places.
  • Ohio State's heavy movement this week is partly attributable to their victories over Loyola and Denver -- both were impressive victories and the Buckeyes played very well in both games -- and partly attributable to the fact that I probably had Ohio Sate ranked too low last week. Computer-related measures have the Buckeyes somewhere around the 15th position (ignoring, of course, what the RPI says), but Ohio State was just too adorable against two strong opponents to hold the Buckeyes back.
  • The back end of the poll is the back end of the poll. There were a couple of teams that I considered putting into the 19th and 20th positions -- Villanova, Hofstra, Towson, etc. -- but I ended up sticking with the Dragons and the Cavaliers. Those teams are all pretty close to each other, so I'm not sure what the poll proper is going to look like tomorrow.
  • I feel comfortable with the Irish's slotting here, and I'm surprised it took until the start of the NCAA Tournament to feel a level of non-concern with where Notre Dame is positioned on my ballot. Notre Dame still has tons of potential and can make a run through May, but right now the Irish aren't really playing like a top 10 team.
  • I may have Syracuse slightly overrated at the moment, but this question popped into my skull as I was considering the Orange: Who is playing better than the Orange right now? Like any other team Syracuse is susceptible to getting knocked off, but I'm not sure there are three teams playing the kind of ball that the Orange are at the moment.

I'm always willing to hear what you guys think. Have something to add or want to call me a moron in a few sentences? The comments are your launching pad.