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NCAA Lacrosse Tournament: Semifinal Saturday Open Thread

Before Memorial Monday there is Semifinal Saturday.

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There is no better day of games than Semifinal Saturday. Parking lots filled with tailgaters, a mosaic of fanbases coming together to watch college lacrosse's biggest moments, and four of the best teams in the nation smacking each other in the face for the right to play for a national championship on Memorial Monday. Take out the fancy bottle of bourbon today, pals and gal pals: These are the good times.

If you've missed anything this week, checking out College Crosse's NCAA Tournament hub (it's a window into your soul) is the best way to achieve total consciousness. If that's too much to handle, these are your necessaries:

Otherwise, here are your highlights for today:

  • Cornell v. (7) Duke: Goalsplosion! There are likely two focuses here: (1) Which team will earn the highest volume of possessions (to turn the opposing goalkeeper into a pile of mush); and (2) How much defense will Duke play. The Red are the favorite, but the Devils are capable of denying Cornell their first championship since 1977. The undercard is just as interesting as the headliner this evening.
  • (4) Denver v. (1) Syracuse: Denver is chasing its first championship; Syracuse is chasing its 12th (11th, if you're the NCAA and believe in pretend reality). It's all about execution in the night cap, and Syracuse's ability to withstand pressure from the Pioneers' offense may dictate the outcome of the game.

May 25, 2013: National Semifinals
Cornell Duke 2:30 LIVE STATS VIDEO ESPN2
Denver Syracuse 5:00 LIVE STATS VIDEO ESPN2

This is your open thread for Saturday's semifinals games. If you're not in Philadelphia, throw batteries at your television so that you can pretend to have the full Philadelphia sports fan experience. People will be around to yak about whatever is tickling their fancy.

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