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College Lacrosse Schedule for March 19, 2013

There are a couple of huge games today. Get your game face on.

Chris Trotman

Today I got over 100 percent of my daily dose of Vitamin C. In fact, I actually got 600 percent of my daily dose of Vitamin C. That's pretty good; I can feel the Vitamin C coursing through my veins as I write this. I'm not sure that I've consumed superhero-levels of Vitamin C today, but I feel like if someone tried to steal my wallet, he'd be in for a big surprise from my fist (which is now powered by far more Vitamin C that the government believes is necessary to properly function). I am basically the personification of Vitamin C, and history will reflect that fact as an incredible footnote in the human experience.

Anyway, there are six games today after Holy Cross-Vermont and Bryant-Harvard were rescheduled, with action starting late this afternoon and extending into business time tonight. Here are your highlights for the day:

  • Hofstra at St. John's: I'm going to be very clear about this: Hell Mother%*@&!^# Yeah! It's sort-of New York City against sort-of Long Island in terrible weather at DaSilva Field. This Pride team has all kinds of special things happening early in the season, beating Notre Dame in South Bend and featuring one of the staunchest defenses in the country. The Johnnies will contest Hofstra's rise to the top of the nation with Kieran McArdle, rapidly gaining steam as a Tewaaraton contender and one of the hottest offensive players in the country over the last few weeks. The regional implications here are big (especially given the fact that the Red Storm have already dropped a regular season game to Stony Brook, a "neighbor" in the sense that you can drive between both schools and not play a movie on the bus), but it's the national concerns -- the Pride attempting to solidify their position among the best in the country and St. John's looking to assert itself as a player the rest of the way -- that make this afternoon's game a monster contest.
  • Bucknell at Cornell: It's all very simple: Can Bucknell's fifth-ranked defense (in adjusted defensive efficiency) withstand Cornell's second-ranked offense (in adjusted offensive efficiency)? Rob Pannell and the Red are looking more and more like the best option to try and knock Maryland off of its perch atop Division I lacrosse; Bucknell is surging as potentially the strongest team in the Patriot League and have been taking a sledgehammer to the skulls of over-matched opponents the last few weeks (excluding the date against Drexel (which was a good win), the Bisons' opponents are a combined 14-32). Reality focuses even more this afternoon at Schoellkopf. ENGAGE PANTS REMOVAL!

Here's today's full schedule with links to things so that you can monitor the carnage (Wagner, unfortunately, is not in action because the Seahawks don't need your pity, okay?):

March 19, 2013
Hofstra St. John's 3:00 3.8615 2 LIVE STATS VIDEO
Penn State Binghamton 4:00 1.9077 6 LIVE STATS VIDEO
Bucknell Cornell 4:00 5.0086 1 LIVE STATS VIDEO
Quinnipiac Fairfield 4:00 2.8869 4 LIVE STATS VIDEO
Syracuse Providence 7:00 3.5648 3 LIVE STATS N/A
Towson UMBC 7:00 2.0101 5 LIVE STATS VIDEO

Leave your notes about the games or anything else (QUERY: The military should try and weaponize Bucknell-Cornell, right?) in the comments below.