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Big Ten Lacrosse Has a Website (Sort of)

College Crosse's readers remain the best.


Is the Big Ten getting serious about pursuing a men's lacrosse conference with, presumably, Johns Hopkins as an associate member for lacrosse purposes? If a skeleton website with a picture of a female soccer player, a bunch of circular and placeholder links, and an existence that requires some link-cracking (or a simple Google search) to find means "Yes, definitely," then Johns-Hopkins-to-the-Big-Ten conspiracy theorists have a little more fuel today than they did recently:


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Please note that the web address is specifically tailored to men's lacrosse; a quick link-crack (and Google search) for a women's lacrosse page yields an equally maddening result. As noted in the underlying StoryStream, a potential Big Ten men's lacrosse conference -- as currently discussed (not including those rumors currently flying around about some other schools) -- would include Michigan (a current ECAC member), Penn State (a current THUNDERDOME! member), Ohio State (a current ECAC member), Maryland (a current ACC member but a future ronin), Rutgers (a current Big East member but a future ronin), and Hopkins (a current Hopkinspendent) as an associate member to get the league's constitution to six teams, the baseline number necessary for an automatic invitation to the NCAA Tournament.

You may now draw all kinds of tenuous conclusions in the comments.

Man hug: Anonymous and The Google Machine.