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College Lacrosse Schedule and Open Thread: February 2, 2013

The season is here! And I'm fighting the flu or food poisoning or an alien trying to eat its way outside of me!


The season is finally here, you guys. This is pretty wonderful in a very not miserable way. It's been around 250 (!!!!) days since college lacrosse last played a real game with consequences and whistles and people in the stands and everything. That's a painfully long time to go without some ripped rope and pregame handshakes. Most importantly, though, it means that I no longer need to come up with offseason content, which is just about the greatest news I've heard since, "It's not your baby."

As is tradition around here for the first few weekends of the year:

  • New York City, NY: Saturday (High: 29; Low: 25 -- Light Snow Likely)
  • Baltimore, MD: Saturday (High: 32; Low: 29 -- Snow Likely)
  • Syracuse, NY: Saturday (High: 21; Low: 16 -- Light Snow Likely)
  • High Point, NC: Saturday (High 44; Low: 30 -- Blood Falling From The Sky)

It could be worse, I suppose. We could all be forced to eat turkey bacon instead of regular bacon while paying attention to these games, a punishment not unlike having your head removed for cleaning.

Highlights for Saturday:

  • Delaware at High Point: It's the only Division I game this weekend that counts, so it automatically earns highlight treatment. (Default! Default! Default!) The Panthers are opening their first campaign ever at the NCAA's highest level and the Blue Hens are looking to get off on the right foot after a somewhat disappointing 2012 season. The outcome is likely going in Delaware's favor, but how Jon Torpey's team competes today is mucho importante, si?

FEBRUARY 2, 2013
Delaware High Point 1:00 P.M. N/A N/A

If you're more into following the big slate of scrimmages today, this is your beat courtesy of LaxPower:

February 2nd 1:00 P.M. Albany Colgate Albany, NY
11:00 A.M. Bucknell Towson Lewisburg, PA
2:45 P.M. Bucknell Hobart Lewisburg, PA
12:00 P.M. Drexel Rutgers Newark, DE
10:00 A.M. Hartford Bryant West Hartford, CT
TBA Hartford St. John's West Hartford, CT
1:00 P.M. Jacksonville Tampa Jacksonville, FL
1:00 P.M. Massachusetts Siena Amherst, MA
1:00 P.M. Mercer Florida Southern Macon, GA
1:00 P.M. Michigan Marquette Ann Arbor, MI
4:30 P.M. Michigan Denison Ann Arbor, MI
12:00 P.M. North Carolina Loyola Chapel Hill, NC
2:00 P.M. Notre Dame Detroit South Bend, IN
3:30 P.M. Ohio State Robert Morris Columbus, OH
11:30 A.M. Ohio State Syracuse Columbus, OH
12:00 P.M. Pennsylvania Maryland Philadelphia, PA
2:00 P.M. Pennsylvania Rutgers Philadelphia, PA
1:00 P.M. Penn State Johns Hopkins University Park, PA
TBA Sacred Heart Lafayette Fairfield, CT
TBA Sacred Heart Merrimack Fairfield, CT
TBA St. John's Bryant West Hartford, CT
1:30 P.M. Syracuse Robert Morris Columbus, OH
1:00 P.M. Towson Hobart Lewisburg, PA
12:00 P.M. UMBC Bellarmine Baltimore, MD
12:00 P.M. Vermont St. Michael's Burlington, VT
12:00 P.M. Villanova Stony Brook Villanova, PA
12:00 P.M. Virginia Navy Charlottesville, VA

This is your open thread for Saturday. I'm going to chug Pepto Bismol until I sneeze pink. People will be around to yak about whatever is tickling their fancy.

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