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Guess the Mount St. Mary's Injury

The Mount uploaded a bunch of introductory videos today. This one stuck out.

I was screwing around on YouTube today watching a bunch of 7-10 split videos -- people actually pick that up; it doesn't just happen in documentaries like Kingpin -- and came across this video from Mount St. Mary's lacrosse. There's nothing especially interesting about the video -- it's Kyle O'Brien telling Earth a little about himself -- but something did stand out: His arm's in a sling.

Now, the apparent injury that necessitated the sling relates to O'Brien's right labrum -- he mumbles something to that effect near the end of the video -- but that has to be a cover story. It just doesn't make sense; it's a far too convenient excuse. I bet O'Brien's sling is attributable to one of these situations:

  • Went through a medical procedure to have his right arm removed and a lacrosse stick affixed to his shoulder socket. It was a scientific and medical breakthrough, creating the first human-sporting good unit. Unfortunately, his body rejected the amputation and transplant -- apparently O'Brien's blood type is STX and wanted no part of Warrior on his person -- and the doctors had to reattach the arm. The sling is for convalescence-purposes only.
  • O'Brien suffered a freak alligator wrestling accident during Mount St. Mary's offseason strength and conditioning program. O'Brien will be fine but the alligator didn't recover. PETA is planning to boycott all Mountaineers games this coming spring.
  • O'Brien attempted to punch through an opponent's chest in fallball in order to remove the opponent's heart. He failed in the attempt -- breaking through someone's chest cavity with just the force of a punch just isn't good defensive strategy -- and it created massive shoulder damage. O'Brien is currently healing -- with the help of the sling -- and is evading criminal prosecution for attempted homicide.

Am I overthinking the situation? Or am I underthinking the situation? Your conspiracy theories are required in the comments.