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Towson Lacrosse Schedule: Tigers Make Just Five Road Trips

Two of those five roadtrips are to Baltimore proper.


Hey! Here's Shawn Nadelen talking about Towson's summer:

Here are some schedule highlights and games of note:

Gas is Expensive
February 15: @Johns Hopkins; February 19: @Loyola; March 7: @Marist; March 29: @Hofstra; April 5: @Massachusetts

Home-road ratio is often cyclical and Towson is coming out on the preferable end of that phenomenon in 2014: The Tigers will get on a bus and make funny faces at passing motorists just five times this coming spring. Furthermore, Towson's home-road imbalance (about two-thirds home, one-third road) is mitigated by the fact that two of the Tigers' road trips involve moving a few miles down the road to Baltimore to face Hopkins and Loyola. That's an incredibly beneficial fact for Towson as the Tigers will be able to build a permanent base camp at Johnny Unitas Stadium and enjoy all the comforts and advantages of never leaving home. The Tigers may have the most fortunate schedule in the nation due to the team's lack of sustained travel, and how Towson takes advantage of this will shape the team's narrative for the 2014 season.

Market Making
February 15: @Johns Hopkins; February 19: @Loyola; April 12: Penn State; April 19: Drexel; April 22: Pennsylvania

There's a lot of preseason chatter about Towson potentially cementing itself in the top 20 this coming spring. This may be a bit presumptuous given that the Tigers may have been a shade overvalued in 2013, but Shawn Nadelen has bootstrapped Towson into the national conversation through brute force in his two seasons as the Tigers' head coach. Regardless of whether elite thoughts about Towson are appropriate, the Tigers will have five opportunities this coming spring to convince Earth that Towson has regained its position among Division I's stronger programs: The dates against Hopkins and Loyola provide early-season chances to grab a big win against relevant competition, building momentum in an important campaign; the games against Penn State and Drexel create layered value, as Towson can assert a measure of dominance over THUNDERDOME! while also accruing wins against what should be poll-significant teams; and the season-closing date at Pennsylvania allows Towson one final moment to bag a big kill and impress a somewhat skeptical nation. These are value-laden opportunities that the Tigers can't afford to miss in totem.

"Prepare to Die"
February 8: High Point

DATE: February 8, 2013
LOCATION: High Point, North Carolina
COMBATANTS: Towson; High Point
RESULT: 9-7, High Point
CONSEQUENCE: According to LaxPower, the third most ridiculous upset of the 2013 season (trailing only Manhattan's defeat of Marist and St. Joseph's defeat of Massachusetts)

Revenge may be an understatement for Towson.