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Brendan Fowler's National Championship Performance

This is man work.

I still contend that Bryant's Kevin Massa should have earned first team All-America honors over Fowler, but Fowler's performance in the national championship -- a game in which he went 20-28 at the dot and decimated Syracuse's hopes for a 12th national championship -- was one of the most bonkers efforts of the 2013 season.

The video shows every draw that Fowler took on Memorial Monday. Here's the detail on what each team did on the ensuing possession following the draw result:

  • I (Fowler Win (Fowler Groundball)): Dominic Lamolinara save on a Jake Tripucka shot.
  • II (Syracuse Win (Fowler Violation)): Syracuse goal from Kevin Rice.
  • III (Syracuse Win (Fowler Violation)): Syracuse man-up goal from Dylan Donahue on an assist from JoJo Marasco.
  • IV (Fowler Win (Fowler Groundball)): Lamolinara save on a David Lawson shot.
  • V (Fowler Win (Fowler Groundball)): Lamolinara save on a Greg DeLuca shot; DeLuca turnover on a groundball.
  • VI (Fowler Win (Fowler Groundball)): Duke goal from Jordan Wolf on an assist from Christian Walsh.
  • VII (Syracuse Win (Fowler Violation)): Syracuse goal from Scott Loy on an assist from Donahue.
  • VIII (Fowler Win (Fowler Groundball)): Duke goal from Tripucka.
  • IX (Fowler Win (Fowler Groundball)): Duke goal from Myles Jones.
  • X (Duke Win (Syracuse Violation)): Lamolinara save on a Fowler shot.
  • XI (Fowler Win (Haus Groundball)): [Messy turnovers from both teams] Lamolinara ends up making a save on a Tripucka shot.
  • XII (Fowler Win (Fowler Groundball)): Lamolinara save on a Tripucka shot.
  • XIII (Duke Win (Syracuse Violation)): Duke goal from Lawson, but it was messy getting there.
  • XIV (Fowler Win (Fowler Groundball)): Lamolinara save on Offit shot.
  • XV (Fowler Win (Fowler Groundball)): Lawson goal on an assist from Tripucka.
  • XVI (Fowler Win (Fowler Groundball)): Offit goal.
  • XVII (Fowler Win (Fowler Groundball)): Josh Dionne from Wolf for a man-up goal.
  • XVIII (Fowler Win (Fowler Groundball)): Offit goal.
  • XIX (Fowler Win (Fowler Groundball)): End of period.
  • XX (Fowler Win (Duprey Groundball)): Goal from Dionne on an assist from Tripucka.
  • XXI (Syracuse Win (Syracuse Groundball)): Syracuse turnover. [Walsh eventually scores off the turnover.]
  • XXII (Fowler Win (Duprey Groundball)): Tripucka goal.
  • XXIII (Fowler Win (Haus Groundball)): Dead Duke possession.
  • XXIV (Syracuse Win (Syracuse Groundball)): Syracuse goal from Marasco.
  • XXV (Syracuse Win (Syracuse Groundball)): Syracuse turnover.
  • XXVI (Fowler Win (Fowler Groundball)): Wolf goal.
  • XXVII (Syracuse Win (Syracuse Groundball)): Turri save on a Matt Harris shot.
  • XXVIII (Syracuse Win (Syracuse Groundball)): Luke Aaron save on a Derek Maltz shot.

So, just to recap that insanity: 14 of Fowler's 20 credited wins involved him winning the draw outright by corralling the groundball; Duke scored on approximately -- there is some noise in there -- 11 possessions that started with a Fowler win (either through a clean win or a Syracuse violation (Syracuse didn't even score 11 goals against Duke)); Fowler committed three violations, almost half of Syracuse's faceoff wins on the day; Syracuse didn't win a draw against Fowler -- straight up without a violation -- until the 13:39 mark of the fourth quarter; in Syracuse's eight faceoff wins (clean or through violation), the Orange scored on four of the immediately ensuing possessions.

That's how you get named the Most Outstanding Player in the tournament. This is unbelievable value.