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Buzz Williams + Lacrosse = The Humanity!

Marquette is preparing for its inaugural season in Division I lacrosse in 2013. This is exciting for Wisconsonites -- Wisconsoners? Wiskies? -- mostly because it's an interesting thing happening locally that doesn't involve a butter sculpture or a demonstration involving using cheese as an alternative fuel source in a Chevy Aveo. So, that's something.

Buzz Williams -- noted hoops sociopath and chief sideline performance artist for Marquette's men's basketball team -- was recently put through the Golden Eagles' lacrosse hype machine and the visual evidence is stunning:

In case you didn't click that link in the tweet, here's the image of Williams threatening a portion of Milwaukee with a lacrosse stick and ball:


Some brief thoughts about Williams' effort:

  • I am unsure whether Buzz is catching a pass, throwing the bean, or having a stroke. Unless Marquette Athletics is some kind of North Korean Ministry of Information Repression, it's likely that the last possibility didn't actually happen as I haven't seen a newspaper headline that read, "Buzz Williams Has Stroke While Playing With a Northeastern Sorcery Stick."
  • Assuming that Williams is actually throwing a ball and not losing feeling in the left side of his body due to part of his brain taking a forever vacation, the vector of Buzz's throw can be best described as "Drunk." I'm sure that Williams apologized to the unsuspecting child that took a rubberized bullet to the melon while quietly getting a drink of water at the fountain, but, you know, keep your head on a swivel when a clinically insane person that eats rusted universal joints to prove his intensity (probably) is given an implement of destruction capable of creating collateral damage. Or Buzz just looked off his defender with a sweet head fake and hit his man square. Whatever.
  • Is his t-shirt tucked into his shorts? Who still does that, like, just because? He looks like he's participating in a 1950's display of athletic feat, which will be proceeded by 30 minutes in that leather-belt-attached-to-a-washing-machine-motor weight loss contraption. That's just totally adorable.