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2012 NCAA Lacrosse Tournament: College Crosse Bracket Challenge

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The time has come to separate the geniuses from the morons. (Hint: I'm the moron.)

Yes, it's time for the 2012 Totally Legal and Certified Awesome College Crosse NCAA Lacrosse Tournament Challenge Thingy. I'm sure that you're incredibly excited for this. This is your chance to make it big, champ, and if you let the opportunity pass you are only going to be hurting yourself and, by proxy, the United States of America.

Here are the rules:

  1. You must be alive to play. My apologies to the walking-undead.
  2. All submissions must be sent by 12:00 P.M. on Saturday, May, 12, 2012. We'll be using email time stamp and, as I'm a nice guy, I'll give you a 60-second window for any technical malfunctions. However, any submissions with a 12:01 time stamp or later will be sent to the Trash Department for disposition.
  3. Put your name (or alias, if you're an Internet superspy) where the worksheet indicates "Name." If you don't put a name your submission will be directed to the Trash Department for disposition.
  4. Put your email address where the worksheet indicates "Email." I won't release this to the public because I'm full of Catholic guilt and stuff.
  5. Ensure that you select every game in the bracket. There are drop-down lists to make your selections easy peasy and you should use them.
  6. If you don't select every game, I will poison your significant other with arsenic. I'm a hopeless romantic, what can I say?
  7. Make sure that you make a tie-breaking pick.
  8. When you're done, email your submission to: collegecrossebracketchallenge -- at --

The last time that I ran a bracket challenge I forgot to send the fabulous prizes to the winners. (Don't ask for them now; the statute of limitations has run.) This year, though, we'll actually send out fabulous prizes. They are as follows:

  • FIRST PLACE: To be determined. (It will certainly be fabulous.)
  • SECOND PLACE: To be determined. (It will be fabulous, but not as fabulous as FIRST PLACE's fabulous prize.)
  • THIRD PLACE: A pile of dog poo.

THIRD PLACE isn't so fabulous. In fact, it's anti-fabulous. If I were you, I wouldn't finish in THIRD PLACE.

So, all you have to do now is download the bracket (it's in Microsoft Excel format) and test your intelligence. You can access it by clicking this fancy highlighted text. We'll update the scoreboard throughout the tournament.

I wish you all the worst of luck in your selection process.