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College Crosse Bracket Challenge: Final Results

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Controversy! (Well, kind of.)

With Loyola's carpet bombing of Maryland yesterday at Gillette Stadium, the world became a different place. There are now nine schools that have won a national title at the Division I level and, most importantly, College Crosse is ready to crown its first bracket challenge victor. It's like a totally different world now, man. Things will never be the same.

When all was said and done, the top-six positions on the final scoreboard were populated with seven mild geniuses that picked Loyola to take home top honors on Memorial Monday. In fact, they were the only folks in the 42-person challenge that picked the number-one seed to commit damage to personal property at the end of the year, which is a little shocking and disturbing. In the end, with 48 out of 64 total possible points, "Paddy Mac" is getting a bachelor of arts in "Intelligence" from the University of College Crosse. Congratulations to him or her! (Internet superspy aliases: Get one!)

The runner-up position -- and the last money spot -- wasn't as cut and dry as determining the winner. Both "NunesMagician" and "S. Soboleski" finished with 46 points. However, only "NunesMagician" made a tiebreaking pick based on total goals. So, in the interest of not perverting justice because justice is blind and abusing the physically handicapped is just plain wrong, "NunesMagician" will take home second prize honors because he was a little better at reading instructions. (Default! Default! Default!)

For the full scoreboard, just point your Internet clicking device at this fancy highlighted text.

Now, for what everyone has been waiting for -- fabulous prizes!

  • First Prize: First prize will receive:
    • (1) NCAA lacrosse championship DVD of their choice, subject to availability.
    • (1) Very special t-shirt of my choosing.
  • Second Prize: Second prize will receive:
    • (1) Very special t-shirt of my choosing.

I will be in touch with the winners to get some information from you. To all you other losers (including myself): Way to go, assbags. (Seriously, though: Thanks to everyone that played along during the tournament.)