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"Reverse Survivor": Holy Moly Holy Cross!

Can you drink a victory beer while wearing chainmail? via

Take your pants off and dance like it'll find you a mate, Holy Cross.  You earned it.

The Crusaders -- late of Reverse Survivorship --  took out the winning stick against Lafayette on Saturday and got themselves a 9-8 Patriot League victory.  It's Holy Cross' first victory since April 20th of last year and the first time this season that the Crusaders haven't lost by at least five goals.

If that doesn't qualify for victory beers nothing will.  Well, finding $20 in your jeans always qualifies for victory beers, but getting your fist victory in over 300 days is a close second.

We'll see you when we see you, Holy Cross. On to the remaining contenders*:


Last Week: Hofstra smoked 'em, 11-6. 

Next Game: Delaware on Saturday.

Likelihood of Victory: Have mathematicians come up with a percentage less than zero?  No? OK, then we're going with zero until these lazy math guys focus on making up better percentages.

WAGNER (0-Forever)

Last Week: Bryant almost put a 20-spot on the board, winning 19-9.

Next Game: Does it really matter?  They're not called "Opponents" to the Seahawks; they're called "Beneficiaries of Playing Wagner."

Likelihood of Victory: Not good.  Wagner is already 0-4 on the 2012 season.

*Yeah, yeah, yeah.  Mercer is still winless against Division I competition.  Cut 'em a break, though.  It's their first year at this level.