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"Its May in March, Baby" Kyle Fetterly, Syracuse Lacrosse Analyst, Chimes in on Tomorrow's Syracuse/UVA Game

Long time Syracuse lacrosse analyst Kyle Fetterly stopped by College Crosse to chat about tomorrow's "Clash of the Titans" in the Carrier Dome (6pm, ESPNU). 

Fetterly has a very unique voice and is known around the Syracuse lacrosse world as the voice behind the "Wooo" call after every goal.   If you dont know of Kyle, listen to a classic clip of him and Brian Higgins calling the end of the Syracuse/Cornell 2009 National Championship game. 

Fetterly gave his thoughts on what this game means to the sport of lacrosse as well as how to stop or slow down the duo of Chris Bocklett and Steele Stanwick for the Cavaliers.

"It is "the game" every year, the most anticipated game in the world of College Lacrosse. Two team's with identical philosophies, man to man defense with go to the cage and shoot mentality. Great recruiting, great coaching and great Lacrosse athletes. This game is what propels college Lacrosse into the spotlight every year nationally. Kids who play and fans who watch will tune into this (nationally) one because of the pace and intensity of this game. Every kid who plays this game wants to play this stylle; up tempo. It is a different kind of chess match for the coaches too. They don’t stall or slow it down, but that also means they have to be able to adjust on the fly, literally. But these coaches are used to it."

"And the reason they run and gun is because each team has the athletes and depth to do so. Both teams and coaching staffs have tremendous respect for one another, but they also know that nobody ever won the National Championship in March, so the kids will be turned loose. And that is what everybody wants to see. The last five games have been decided by one goal. Throw the record books out, fasten your seat belts and enjoy."

The talk then shifted to the Virginia offense and how the Orange can try to slow down Bocklett and Stanwick.

 "Virginia’s offense is the strength of their team. Probably the best one-two punch on attack in the country. Bocklet is quick, smart and slick. He is very capable of going to the cage and finishing if given the opportunity, and he is a precise shooter."

"Stanwick is the quarterback of the offense, tremendous feeder with great vision, great skills with either hand. If your head isn’t on a swivel he will find the open man. I don’t know if you stop them but rather contain them. I suspect Syracuse will play them straight up but will be ready to slide early, just to slow them down. I believe Syracuse All-American John Lade will draw Stanwick. Syracuse has a great defense and goalie, but will be tested, should be an awesome matchup. But with the Bratton twins running at midfield, this team presents a whole bunch of problems for any defense."

Lastly I asked Fetterly how much of a test this game is and what it truly means to the coaches and players.  With so much of the 2011 season left, so much can happen to both teams after this game.

"Honestly, this game is a measuring stick for both teams. It will expose the kind of things that have to be worked on by both teams as we move towards May.  By that time, each team will have worked on the things they need to correct, players will know their roles on the team during a game and it makes a future match up even more intriguing. One team will lose, but it won’t be devastating, just disappointing as both teams know they are liable to see each other in the playoffs."