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1 Day until Clash of the Titans

Jeff White, who covers Virginia lacrosse, was kind enough to answer a few questions as we all get ready for tomorrow's game between #1/2 Syracuse and #1/2 Virginia. 

I asked Whitewhat he thought about UVA so far in the young 2011 season:

"Virginia was short-handed in its two toughest games to date, missing goalie Adam Ghitelman against Drexel and the Brattons at Stony Brook, yet still managed to win each one. That's impressive. UVa has an incredible array of offensive firepower, but questions remain about its defense and faceoffs."

Then White gave his thoughts on what this game means for the sport of lacrosse.

"To me, this game is a terrific showcase for the sport, but history has shown that the result may be not particularly relevant once the NCAA tournament begins in May. So the game is a lot of fun but may not be especially significant, other than to improve the winner's seed in the NCAAs."

Lastly, White gave his thoughts on the attack duo of Virginia.  Steele Stanwick (23 points) and Chris Bocklett (17) have combined for 40 points on the year and will give the Orange a great challenge tomorrow night in the Carrier Dome.

"Bocklet is a scoring machine and a perfect complement to Stanwick, whose passing ability is unsurpassed. Hard for me to see the 'Cuse "shutting down" either one of them. But certainly the Orange will try -- and may be able to -- limit their effectiveness."