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Weekly Reading w/o Feb 28

Whitey Reid of the Virginia Daily Progress writes about the last five games of SU/UVA

Bro Bible talks with MLL star and former Johns Hopkins Blue Jay Paul Rabil here

Baltimore Sun talks about Penn's victory over Duke and the rest of their year here

Quint Kessenich speaks with UVa coach Dom Starsia, Hopkins coach Dave Pietramala and Syracuse goalie John Galloway on his weekly podcast

Dave Rhame of the Syracuse Post Standard writes how S.U. seniors are 1-3 against Virginia, 46-3 vs. the rest of the country

As part of Black History Month, great story on about Jim Brown and his legacy on the diversification of the sport of lacrosse

Could the McBride cousins miss the highly anticipated Hopkins/Princeton game this Saturday?

Q&A with former Syracuse star and ESPN analyst Paul Carcaterra