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Former Colgate star Brandon Corp joins College Crosse

Former Colgate star Brandon Corp
Former Colgate star Brandon Corp

Brandon Corp will never get the recognition he deserves.  Growing up just 15 miles outside of Syracuse in the small town of Chittenaango, N.Y., and staring at Colgate University, Corp has always gone under the radar of the average NCAA college lacrosse fan.  Opposing coaches and defenders however never underestimated the 6’0", 180-lb attackman’s ability. 

"He was a great player and an even greater athlete," said Lelan Rogers, who is an assistant coach for the Syracuse Orange.  "He was a three sport star in high school and got better every year he played in college." 

From 2006 to 2009, Corp led the Colgate Raiders to a 42-20 record and was the Patriot League’s offensive player of the year for three straight years (2007-2009).  A 2009 first team All-American, Corp put up monster numbers his senior season and finished seventh in the nation with 63 points (35 g, 28, a).  The fourth overall pick in the 2009 M.L.L. draft led the nation in scoring per game, putting up just over 4 points a game (4.20). 

College Crosse caught up with Corp to see where the "Real World" has taken him.

College Crosse: First off, can we get a quick update on what you are doing with your post Colgate lacrosse life?

Brandon Corp: I've been living in Manhattan for a year now, working in a sales position for a trading company within Interpublic Group (IPG). This career path still brings out the competitor in me and it has the potential to be very rewarding so I believe I've made the best decision for myself at this point in my life. I also love NYC and hope to stay here for a good while.

CC: I know you played in the MLL with the Boston Cannons.  You also played in the LXM this summer.  Can you describe the similarities and differences between the two and in the end, which one do you like better and why?

BC: I was fortunate to play with the Cannons but I didn't think the MLL was the best fit for me at the time. I joined LXM because it was just too difficult to hang up the cleats and I believe I still can contribute to the growth of this game. LXM is making quite the effort to bring lacrosse mainstream and I believe that there's tremendous potential ahead. The offer was too good for me to pass up. The MLL and LXM are similar in many ways but it's the concerts, clinics, fan experience, and tour that in my opinion give LXM more potential for growing this sport.

CC: Talk about your time at Colgate and what playing lacrosse there meant to you?

BC: Words can't adequately describe the impact Colgate has had on me. I couldn't be any happier with my decision to attend such a prestigious institution. Colgate provided me with all the tools I needed to succeed while enjoying myself along the way. Colgate is a place dear to my heart and I was fortunate to have so much support from my coaches, teammates, and peers. We were able to accomplish so much and take the lacrosse program to new heights. It was an absolute pleasure to be a part of it all.

CC: Do you still keep up with college lacrosse?  If so, who do you root for and like to watch.

BC: Of course I still follow college lacrosse, and of course I root for Colgate. I wish all the guys there the very best.

CC: What will it take for the professional game to grow more and get large crowds, bigger salaries, etc?

BC: I think for professional lacrosse to grow they need pay more attention to LXM. We need a larger audience to catch on so that we can attract more fans and spread this game. It's definitely growing and it's apparent when you have companies such as Nike, Reebok, and Adidas making lacrosse equipment. Anything Nike gets its hands on tends to sprout like a weed so I think this has a lot to say about where lacrosse is headed

CC: Lastly, would you ever want to coach lacrosse or anything like that? 

BC: I always wondered if I would really enjoy coaching lacrosse, or any sport for that matter. And I still don't know to be honest. I think at this point in my life I would probably get too frustrated and would rather be on the field, but down the road who knows.