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IL's 2011 Big East Rankings Released- Midfielder of the Year Joel White not on pre-season all conference list

Courtesy of "First Time Photo"
Courtesy of "First Time Photo"

Its this type of erroneous information that Inside Lacrosse puts out that makes me question how they consider themselves the "source for the sport."  Inside Lacrosse today put out their "Face-Off Yearbook 2011 Big East Conference Rankings" and although the coaches made the picks for the pre-season all conference teamthere is one major flaw in the coaches picks.

Under the All-Conference team,they forgot a guy by the name of Joel White, a player some say is the best in the country, let alone the Big East.  Dont get me wrong, Brian Karalunas of Villanova is a very good player, one who gave Syracuse some trouble in the Orange's 20-6 victory on March 29th.  I also agree that Karalunas might not get the respect he deserves because he plays the same position and conference as White.  It also isnt the first time this has happened as the first ever All Big East honors in 2010 honored Villanova's Paul Webber as the Big East's Midfielder of the Year, not White.  With that being said, its hard to take I.L. serious and its hard to have confidence in them as a "trusted name in the sport" when you leave White off this list.  Now Inside Lacrosse will come back and say they left him off the list because he is a pre-season player of the year candidate. 

I know its only pre-season and nothing is won or lost on paper, but if you're going to put out a list and you want people to have confidence in you, you cant miss something like that.

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