Lacrosse Analytics


Myles Jones is a 10-Foot Tall Beast Man

The Duke midfielder is every part of the legend of Bill Brasky.

College Lacrosse Schedule for April 17, 2014

There's just one game today.

Denver's Strength of Schedule Issue

The Pioneers have a ridiculous strength of schedule problem.


The St. John's Conference Tournament Problem

The Johnnies are on the brink of missing the Big East Tournament for the second year in a row.

Digging Into Loyola's Offense

The 'Hounds are disgustingly good with the ball.

ACC Tournament: The Computing Machine Thinks . . .

Firing up the prediction machine to determine what scenarios and outcomes are most likely.

Dispatches from High Point, the America East

Don't believe (or believe) the hype!

Revisiting the Syracuse Face-Off Talking Point

The sport is "lacrosse," not "face-off."

The Fairfield Situation

There aren't easy answers when it comes to the Stags this season.

Maryland's Cocoon of Defensive Horror

The Terps' young guns have earned all the ink this season, but it's the team's defense that is hyper elite.


Midseason Check-Up: The New Programs

How are Division I's newest programs doing with the season half complete?

The Nation's Best Offenses, Defenses

These units will make your face melt.

Midseason Check-Up: Who's Overrated, Underrated?

Using some computer-type rankings to give us an idea of who's overrated and underrated in the human polls.

Who's Overachieving, Underachieving?

Which teams are doing better or worse than what's expected of them?

Midseason Check-Up: Biggest Upsets of the Year

What was so nuts that it's still unbelievable?

Midseason Check-Up: Who's the Most Fun to Watch?

Which teams have demanded your attention so far this season?

Midseason Check-Up: Best Leagues, Best Races

The ACC is your dark lord.


A hyper-granular look at three games this weekend.

Albany, Thompson Trio's Destruction of UMass

I don't even know with this stuff.


Hakeem Lecky's Contributions to Syracuse's Offense

The midfielder is doing more than he did in 2013, and he's doing everything better.

Maryland's Offense: An Update After 120 Minutes

How has an offense-in-transition performed over its first two games?

Albany-Syracuse and the Thompson Trio

Sunday evening was a show on the Carrier Dome carpet.


The Jesse King Experience

Can the Canadian follow in the footsteps of a fellow countryman for the Buckeyes?


Albany, Transition, and Defensive Stops

It's an undersold story that Paul Carcaterra recognizes.


The Michigan-Penn State Death Blow

The Nittany Lions crushed the Wolverines this past weekend. These are words about that soul-crushing.

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