Ivy League Lacrosse

Princeton-Harvard Highlights

Harvard held on for a dramtic win against the Tigers.

Dartmouth-Princeton Highlights

There would be no upset this year.

Orban, Schreiber Crush Lehigh's Soul

Princeton's uniforms looked dumb but they still won.

Syracuse-Cornell Highlights

Rady Staats had a huge day with nine points as Syracuse beat their neighbors to the south.

Brown-Pennsylvania Highlights

Franklin Field is a freakin' treasure.

Pennsylvania-Yale Highlights

The Quakers came out of New Haven with a gigantic 6-5 win.

Harvard-Duke Highlights

Duke did what Duke does: Bring pain.

Midseason Check-Up: Who's the Most Fun to Watch?

Which teams have demanded your attention so far this season?

Midseason Check-Up: Best Leagues, Best Races

The ACC is your dark lord.


Providence-Brown Highlights

The Buddy Cianci Classic (winner received a bag of money with a dollar sign on it).

Princeton-Yale Highlights

The game wasn't quite as bonkers as the meeting in 2012, but it was still really good.

Cornell-Pennsylvania Highlights

The Red remained unbeaten after dusting the Quakers.

Dartmouth-Harvard Highlights

Put on your best ascot before pressing play.


A hyper-granular look at three games this weekend.

Pennsylvania-Princeton Highlights

Princeton's scoreboard should show EBITDA.

Yale-Cornell Highlights

The audio is apparently coming out of a speaker at an MTA subway booth.

Brown-Harvard Highlights

The Crimson started their Ivy League campaign with a 16-10 victory.


Target locked. Field is red. Fire.

North Carolina-Princeton Highlights

The Tigers fell off in the fourth quarter, giving Carolina a 13-11 victory.

Virginia-Cornell Highlights


Cornell remained unbeaten after dropping the Cavs at the 'kopf.

Yale-Fairfield Highlights


The Stags stormed back into the national conversation after knocking of the Elis at home.

A Diary on North Carolina-Princeton

College Crosse made a trip to New Jersey for Carolina-Princeton last week. Ryan shares his experiences in a diary.

Johns Hopkins-Princeton Highlights

The last time I heard a soundtrack like this I was alone and lonely.

Miles Does Miles Things

If Harvard is so smart, why can't they stop Miles?

Yale-Bryant Highlights

Bryant hung around but wasn't able to dop the Elis at home.

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