Johns Hopkins-Navy Highlights

Here's 10 minutes of two goalkeepers playing out of their minds.

Maryland-Johns Hopkins Highlights

The Jays kicked the crap out of the Terps on Homewood Field.


Saturdays @jhumenslacrosse @MDTerpsLacrosse game is now officially sold out #gohop

— HOPKINS ATHLETICS (@HopkinsSports) April 11, 2014

Albany-Johns Hopkins Highlights

It was over early at Hopkins despite a late push from Albany.

North Carolina-Johns Hopkins Highlights

The Heels used a late push to move past Hopkins at Homewood Field.

Midseason Check-Up: Who's the Most Fun to Watch?

Which teams have demanded your attention so far this season?

Syracuse-Johns Hopkins Highlights

The food trucks were the big winners on the day.

Downtown Ryan Brown


Vitally Important Considerations: 'Cuse-Hopkins

Breaking down Orange-Jays through vitally important considerations.

Johns Hopkins-UMBC Highlights

I'm not sure why you need 10 minutes of Jays-Retrievers highlights, and yet, here we are.


Johns Hopkins-Princeton Highlights

The last time I heard a soundtrack like this I was alone and lonely.


"New Blue (Part I)": Inside Johns Hopkins Lacrosse

A behind the scenes looks a the Blue Jays.

March's First "Super Saturday"

A day with this many big games deserves its own infographic.

Michigan-Johns Hopkins Highlights

This is what happens when someone uses all the Clue weapons to commit a crime.

Michigan's Offensive Plan Against Johns Hopkins

How will the Wolverines try and score against the Jays?

Ohio State-Hopkins Highlights

The Buckeyes stormed back late, but it was the Jays that would ultimately earn the triple overtime victory at Homewood.

2014 Preview: The Hopkins Polling Position

Can the Blue Jays do what many programs have been unable to handle in the last seven seasons?

2014 Preview: ESPN Unveils Its Schedule

29 games dot ESPN's broadcast schedule this season.

2014 Preview: Looking for Fun

Which teams are established as the most watchable in the nation?

2014 Preview: Defensive Excellence

You want to know who's going to suffocate the opposition this season? These teams have been the best over the last four seasons.

Homewood Drifts


via: Hopkins.

Johns Hopkins opens practice in less than two weeks.

2014 Preview: Who Can You Trust to Excel?

There are no guarantees that successful teams will stay that way, but these teams have been the best since 2010.

Carolina's Win Over Hopkins Named a 2013 ACC Must See Moment

R.G. Keenan's game-winner is in contention for . . . something. You can vote for it here.

Sources: NJIT Hires Head Coach

There can be only one Highlanders head coach!

NJIT AD Confirms Plans for Division I Lacrosse

NJIT's Athletic Director: "We are definitely adding men's lacrosse."

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