Big East Lacrosse

Denver's Strength of Schedule Issue

The Pioneers have a ridiculous strength of schedule problem.


The St. John's Conference Tournament Problem

The Johnnies are on the brink of missing the Big East Tournament for the second year in a row.

St. John's-Denver Highlights

The Pios stung the Johnnies in front of a big Peter Barton Stadium crowd.

Villanova-Penn State Highlights

The Wildcats went to Penn State and gave the Nittany Lions a taste of the sub-.500 life.

Georgetown-Villanova Highlights

The Wildcats remain unbeaten in the Big East.

Midseason Check-Up: Who's the Most Fun to Watch?

Which teams have demanded your attention so far this season?

Midseason Check-Up: Best Leagues, Best Races

The ACC is your dark lord.

Providence-Brown Highlights

The Buddy Cianci Classic (winner received a bag of money with a dollar sign on it).

Rutgers-Denver Highlights

Denver's offense is a legal kind of murder.

Ohio State-Denver Highlights

The Buckeyes showed some life -- but not enough of it -- against the Pios.


Syracuse-St. John's Highlights

The only people that saw it were the people in the stands, but these highlights will at least shine a little light on Syracuse's defeat of St. John's in Georgia.

Denver-Pennsylvania Highlights

The Quakers stormed back against the Pioneers to earn a huge 12-10 victory over Denver.

March's First "Super Saturday"

A day with this many big games deserves its own infographic.

Providence-Vermont Highlights

The Catamounts hung around but weren't able to drop the Friars at home.

Virginia Paid How Much to Lose to Rutgers?

I'm am 1,000% positive that a contract to play is a bit more complicated in 2014 than it was in 1958.

Marquette Previews Marquette

"We already had the first-year jitters." 5-8 with jitters is pretty damn good.

Carcaterra Gives His Top Players to Watch in 2014

10. John Glesener (ARMY); 9. Joey Sankey (UNC); 8. Jesse King (OSU); 7. Austin Kaut (PSU); 6. Joe Fletcher (LOY); 5. Wes Berg (DEN); 4. Jordan Wolf (DUKE); 3. Kieran McArdle (SJU); 2. Tom Schreiber (PRI); 1. Lyle Thompson (ALB)

2014 Preview: ESPN Analysts Project Top Teams

Four opinions from people in fancy suits.

Fox Sports Announces Big East Lax Schedule

Don't over-exert yourself, Fox.

2014 Preview: Big East Preseason Poll Released

Denver tops the league's preseason poll.

2014 Preview: Big East Outlook

Syracuse and Notre Dame are out. Denver is in.

Tierney Talks Denver's Preparations

Apparently the Pios' scrimmage with North Carolina went . . . interestingly. Also: Words about Bobzien's transition to Denver's reality.

2014 Preview: The Nation's Most Exciting Leagues

I'm willing to bet that you didn't realize how fun and wonderful THUNDERDOME! could be.'s Big East Preview

Bill Tierney has feelings about the Big East. These are those feelings.

2014 Preview: ESPN Unveils Its Schedule

29 games dot ESPN's broadcast schedule this season.

2014 Preview: The Second-Year Programs

I remember when Marquette and High Point were *this* tall.

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