Tewaaraton Foundation Names Five Finalists

Eric Hartline-US PRESSWIRE


It's been two weeks since the Tewaaraton Foundation reminded you that it exists. That means it's time for another press release!

The Tewaaraton Foundation has announced the 2014 Tewaaraton Award men’s and women’s finalists.

The five men’s finalists are Loyola University defenseman Joe Fletcher, Princeton University midfielder Tom Schreiber, University at Albany attackman Lyle Thompson, University at Albany attackman Miles Thompson and Duke University attackman Jordan Wolf.

* * * * *

"This was a particularly competitive field of players this year. It’s the ultimate recognition for these 10 finalists to have been chosen among many worthy candidates by the game’s top coaches on the Tewaaraton selection committees," said Jeffrey Harvey, chairman of The Tewaaraton Foundation. "They are all worthy of the sport’s ultimate award, and we look forward to hosting this group in Washington on May 29."

The lead-up to this announcement was like your sister preparing for prom: 50 players were announced as initial "Watch List" candidates in late February; that list grew to 60 considered players in mid-March when a first-round of additions were made; another four players were added to the list in mid-April, fattening the pool to 64 players; and, 15 days after growing the list to over five dozen players, the Tewaaraton Foundation cut its list of nominees to 28 players (up from a pre-proposed number of 25).

And now we're here, less than 14 days after the Tewaaraton Foundation last made a release listing player names as if it were a last will and testament. There were almost as many players considered for the award (64) as there were days between the Tewaaraton Foundation's initial "Watch List" announcement and its release of the five finalists for the honor (70). JUST PICK A FRIGGIN' DRESS, CATHY!

These five players -- all excellent assets for their teams and for Division I as a whole -- are the firm pool of contenders for the trophy. The only player in the group of finalists that has already submitted all of his work for review is Schreiber, his Tigers team ending their 2014 campaign before the Ivy League Tournament even started. The remaining four candidates -- Wolf, Miles and Lyle, and Fletcher -- all have an opportunity to earn extra credit during the NCAA Tournament.

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