Reverse Survivor: History is Unkind

The Mount needs a hug like you wouldn't believe.

Eight teams have combined for 11 winless seasons since the 2005 season. That's a lot of losses to go around. In fact, that's 145 losses with no offsetting wins, the saddest fact about college lacrosse that doesn't involve robots taking positions around a lacrosse field in order to eradicate humans from the earth the robots intend to mine for programmable memory. Mount St. Mary's -- this season's Reverse Survivor champion1 -- is attempting to avoid this group in its 2014, a season that has seen the Mountaineers lost 12 consecutive games without only a handful providing The Mount a legitimate chance at victory.

Here's how Mount St. Mary's season stacks up against the last 11 winless seasons that have existed on the fringes of Division I lacrosse. (I've included all winless seasons regardless of whether that team had been in Division I lacrosse for 40 years or for 40 seconds.)

2011 St. Joseph's 0-12 58/61 14 -7.92
Wagner 0-12 60/61 48 -9.92
2010 Providence 0-14 55/60 27 -6.57
2009 Detroit 0-11 57/59 49 -9.64
2008 Presbyterian 0-11 57/57 45 -11.18
Wagner 0-15 56/57 57 -8.20
Hartford 0-13 51/57 40 -5.15
2007 Wagner 0-15 56/56 53 -9.33
2006 Holy Cross 0-14 53/57 34 -7.50
Wagner 0-15 57/57 52 -9.47
2005 Robert Morris 0-13 57/57 52 -7.23
AVERAGE 0-13 Second to last 15th from last -8.37
2014 Mount St. Mary's 0-12 64/67 31 -7.00


Mount St. Mary's (0-12)
Next Opponent: Bryant -- April 12th
Chance of Victory: If Bryant has to forfeit the remainder of their season due to accusations of making chicken nuggets out of belly button lint? Pretty good! If Bryant isn't accused of using hygiene as part of the supply chain process to make chicken nuggets? Not so great.
Next Reasonable Chance of Victory: Wagner -- April 19th. If it doesn't happen for The Mount against the Seahawks, I'm not sure that the Mountaineers are going to get a victory this season. Outlasting the nation's last unbeaten team -- Cornell -- is impressive as the Big Red started play later than Mount St. Mary's, but The Mount's losing streak is more than mere losses -- the team is in the unenviable position of both struggling and playing a schedule that is significantly above their heads. Potential relief exists, but it has to happen against Wagner or else a 16-loss season appears inevitable.


1 Remember: New programs aren't eligible for Reverse Survivor. Thus, while Furman, Monmouth, and Mount St. Mary's are still without a victory this year, it's the Mountaineers that earned the 2014 Reverse Survivor championship.

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