NCAA Tournament Bracketology: Third Aggregation

Eric Hartline-US PRESSWIRE

There isn't a lot of deviation between the three projections, but there is some stuff to keep an eye on.

Let's get right to it:

ACC Duke (1) Duke (1) Duke (1)
America East Albany (U) Albany (U) Albany (U)
Atlantic Sun High Point (Play-In) High Point (Play-In) High Point (Play-In)
Big East Denver (U) Denver (U) Denver (7)
THUNDERDOME! Hofstra (U) Hofstra (U) Hofstra (U)
ECAC Air Force (Play-In) Air Force (Play-In) Air Force (Play-In)
Ivy Harvard (U) Cornell (8) Harvard (U)
MAAC Siena (Play-In) Siena (Play-In) Siena (Play-In)
NEC St. Joseph's (Play-In) St. Joseph's (Play-In) St. Joseph's (Play-In)
Patriot Loyola (5) Loyola (5) Loyola (4)
Cornell In (U) AQ (8) In (U)
Johns Hopkins In (7) In (6) In (8)
Maryland In (4) In (7) In (2)
North Carolina In (3) In (3) In (6)
Notre Dame In (U) In (U) Out
Pennsylvania In (8) In (4) In (5)
Princeton Out In (U) In (U)
Syracuse In (2) In (2) In (3)
Virginia In (6) In (U) In (U)
Yale Out Out Out

There isn't a lot of dissension in the projections again this week. It appears as if only the Ivy League has some odd permutations: Some combination of Harvard, Cornell, and Princeton are included in the projections, but only Cornell appears on all three outlooks with Princeton and Harvard seemingly in flux. Otherwise, it's mere seeding differences between the projections with the fields looking signficantly similar. (The exception is Notre Dame on the Inside Lacrosse projetion. The Irish were left out for, presumably, Princeton.)

In terms of how the fringe of the projections look ("last four out"), this is the breakdown:

  • Lacrosse Magazine: Princeton, Drexel, Yale, Fairfield. Important note from the projection:

    Princeton or Yale would have cases for getting in the field had Harvard not been considered the Ivy League champ at this time. Drexel has the next strongest resume. Fairfield will almost surely have to win its conference to make the NCAA tournament.

  • No signficant detail. Important note from the projection:

    No one else has serious at-large aspirations at this point. The best of the rest (the second team out at the moment) is Drexel, but the Dragons' schedule strength will torpedo their hopes of getting in without winning the CAA tournament.

  • Inside Lacrosse: It looks like Fairfield, Notre Dame, Yale, and Bryant (in that order). Important note from the projection:

    Penn State’s resume sneaks into consideration thanks to their second Top 20 win and must beat Delaware and Hofstra to finish the season above .500. A win over the Pride could end up being valuable, but it remains unlikely that the Nittany Lions will get significant consideration on Selection Sunday.

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