Lacrosse the Internet: February 6, 2014

Our Marquette site asks three pressing questions about Marquette lacrosse, plus other stuff.

This is obviously your favorite site, but other people actually write important stuff sometimes. Now is that sometimes.

A Full Pint

Three Questions For Men's Lacrosse
There's no bigger question than this one for Marquette this season:

#2 - How can the team improve even if the record is worse?

Cards on the table here: last year's 5-8 record was crazy pants great. Marquette got their first win in program history by going out and just punching Air Force in the nose. Later in the season, they ran off a three game winning streak, including an overtime win against Bellarmine and All American goalie Dillon Ward.

But the odds of the matter are that Marquette will struggle to reach the five win plateau this season. The Golden Eagles will participate in a full Big East schedule, and there are seven preseason top 20 opponents on MU's 15 game schedule. It's not going to be seashells and balloons this season.

Winning is hard. Winning becomes harder when circumstances are incredibly difficult. The Eagles are probably good enough to avoid Reverse Survivor contention, but the slate that Marquette is playing this season would be rough for a program with an established tradition.


Conestoga 2015 LSM Bagbonon commits to Loyola
I'm never going to spell that name correctly. Not even going to try. I'll hopefully be out of the blogging game before 2015, so problem solved.

Michigan 18, Marquette 9
More like Michi-can! (I'll show myself out.)

#10VE - The Kip Taviano Story

Cornell lacrosse looks to move past a tumultuous fall
This is beyond a narrative at this point. It's post-narrative while still being a narrative.

Boys lacrosse: Quinn gives SU verbal
It's always SPRING SPORT in the Dome.

Condon commits to Army for lacrosse
"What kind of training?" "AAAAAAAAARMY TRAINING, SIR!"

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